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Before Her 1962 death, Marilyn Monroe had been married three times and had several high-profile love affairs. Her 1961 romance with Frank Sinatra was one of her most star-studded pairings. The couple broke up before getting married, but rumor has it that Sinatra wanted to marry Monroe but was dissuaded by his lawyer. Did Sinatra’s lawyer predict Monroe’s tragic death?

Allegedly Sinatra didn’t marry Monroe because his lawyer believed she’d die and ruin Sinatra’s career

Sinatra, like several men before him, was rather taken with Monroe. He was so enamored with the sex symbol that he sat down to discuss the prospect of marrying her with his lawyer. According to the 2019 podcast, The Killing of Marilyn Monroe, Sinatra’s lawyer advised him not to propose to the starlet because it could ruin his career.

Marilyn Monroe in promotional photos
Marilyn Monro | Alfred Eisenstaedt/Pix Inc./The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

The lawyer, who was not named, reportedly told Sinatra that Monroe was likely to die by suicide. He allegedly feared Sinatra would be forever known as the man responsible for Monroe’s death if they were married. Rumor has it that Sinatra heeded the warning, and his romance with Monroe quickly ended.

Did Frank Sinatra’s lawyer predict Marilyn Monroe’s death?

If Sinatra and his lawyer did discuss the prospect of him marrying Monroe, it would certainly be eerie. The year after their romance ended, Monroe was found dead in her bedroom by her psychiatrist. Her death was ruled a “probable suicide.” The 1962 death has been shrouded in mystery ever since. Still, it’s possible that their romance didn’t end because of his lawyer’s warning, though.

Frank Sinatra arriving at the airport in 1956
Frank Sinatra | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

According to the TelegraphSinatra was so smitten with Monroe that he did ask her to marry him. He was in love with her and desperately wanted them to be together. According to the publication, they didn’t end up as husband and wife because Monroe turned him down.

The marriage likely would have failed, just like Monroe’s marriage to Joe DiMaggio

Whether Sinatra ultimately heeded his lawyer’s warning or was turned down by Monroe doesn’t matter. The pair eventually parted ways. In the end, even if he and Monroe had married, they likely would have divorced if her marriage to Joe DiMaggio and his later marriage to Mia Farrow is any indication.

Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe atttend the premiere of 'The Seven Year Itch'
Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe | Bettmann/Getty Images

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DiMaggio and Monroe were briefly married but reportedly ended the union when Monroe refused to give up her career to stay home and allow DiMaggio to provide for her. Later, Sinatra married a much younger Farrow. She had originally agreed to give up acting to be a housewife, but when it didn’t suit her, she decided to star in Rosemary’s Baby. Reportedly, Sinatra served Farrow with divorce paper while she was on the set of the movie.