Did ‘Gilmore Girls’ Steal a Storyline from ‘Friends’?

Gilmore Girls and Friends were two shows with a lot in common. Sure, they weren’t about the same things, but they both had witty banter, and complex relationship dynamics propelled the storylines forward. And their premise was somewhat similar. One show was about a mother-daughter duo navigating the world together; the other was about a group of six friends navigating the world together. Gilmore Girls and Friends may have more in common than just that. In fact, Gilmore Girls kind of stole a storyline from the hit NBC show.

Ross slept with someone else when he was “on a break” with Rachel

Once Ross and Rachel managed to get together in season 2 of Friends, their budding relationship was relatively drama-free. Rachel’s new job, however, quickly highlighted Ross’ insecurities, and after another rumble over Rachel’s work friend, Mark, she suggested it would be best if they took a break.

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Heartbroken Ross met up with Chandler Bing and Joey Tribianni at a bar and ended up leaving with Chloe, the hot girl from the copy place. After doing the deed, Rachel called Ross to try and reconcile. He agreed to the reconciliation then spent an entire day trying to ensure Rachel would never find out about his indiscretion. Gunther clued Rachel in, and the pair broke up, for real.

Logan bedded an entire wedding party when he thought he and Rory had broken up

Logan and Rory dated for several months before they had a massive argument in the middle of a bar. Drunken Logan threw money down on the table and stormed out. Clearly, the fight was exactly what Rory needed to get her act together and head back to Yale. After the argument, she reconciled with her mother, celebrated her 21st birthday, again, got a job, and re-enrolled in college.

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Rory was unaware of her own breakup until Logan’s sister, Honor Huntzberger, called her to express her concern. Several months and one reconciliation later, Rory found out Logan slept with half of Honor’s wedding party when she attends the wedding as Logan’s date. Logan insisted that he had thought they’d broken up, and thus he hadn’t cheated on her.  

How was Logan’s cheating different from Ross’ cheating?

The two scenarios share some serious similarities, but they are pretty different, too. Ross and Rachel were far older than Rory and Logan when the cheating took place. Ross and Rachel were both established in careers, and Ross had been married before. He certainly had a better understanding of how relationships worked and how he should behave, meaning he was a bit more aware of the fact that he was cheating than Logan.

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Logan and Rory’s ending was a bit more ambiguous than Ross and Rachel’s blow out fight, as well. Logan and Rory had an argument in a bar, then didn’t speak for several weeks. Rory may not have realized they were broken up, but Logan seemed to assume the pair had ended their relationship the night he walked out of the bar. Rachel, on the other hand, clearly stated they should take a break. Rachel fans note that she never suggested they should break up, though.

Fans think both Ross and Logan were wrong

Whether fans think Ross’ cheating on Rachel was the same or different than Logan’s actions, most seem to agree that both Ross and Logan were in the wrong. Gilmore Girls fans on Reddit note that whether or not Logan thought he was cheating, he dealt with Rory’s feelings in an insensitive way. Several supporters note that they believe Logan was gaslighting Rory while trying to explain his actions.

Ross and Logan both used the same argument while trying to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Ross, just like Logan, claimed he believed he and Rachel had broken up when he slept with Chloe. While most fans agree that Ross’ was utterly wrong for sleeping with someone less than 12 hours after the end of his relationship, some fans have a bit of sympathy for his actions. One Reddit fan notes that perhaps his failed relationship with Carol led him to do it.