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Danny Tanner dated Vicky, and Jesse married Rebecca. There’s one of the guys on Full House who never had a long term relationship. That is, until he reappears a few years later, on the Netflix series titled Fuller House.

'Full House' Episode Titled, 'The Apartment'
‘Full House’ Episode Titled, ‘The Apartment’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Joey Gladstone has a few different girlfriends during ‘Full House’

After an awkward and waterlogged triple date at the Tanner house, Joey ends up going on other dates with one of the characters, Cheryl. The two even plan to go skiing together, although the fog stops from them going on their mini-vacation. 

For another episode, Joey Gladstone is reunited with his college fling, Patty Fogerty. According to Danny Tanner, she left him for another man, named Michael Winchester, which left Joey devastated. After her marriage falls through, the two reconnect, although Joey quickly realizes they might be falling in love with the memories and not with each other. 

During another episode, Danny’s younger sister, Wendy Tanner, visits their San Francisco home. Wendy’s doesn’t initially get another with Joey because he’s always playing pranks. Then, Joey confesses that the reason he always played tricks was that he had a crush on her. It turned out that she had a crush on him, too. 

Although Joey Gladstone had a few different flings in this sitcom, the character never married during Full House, like Uncle Jesse and Rebecca. Fans did, however, learn more about him with the Netflix spinoff show, Fuller House.

During ‘Fuller House’ Joey Gladstone is already married to someone named Ginger 

After living at the Tanner house until the girls grew up, Joey Gladstone moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, to pursue his dream as a resident stand-up comedian. Sometime around then, the character met another Vegas performer named Ginger.

Although viewers miss the wedding, Joey married Ginger, and the two continued to be married during the spinoff series, Fuller House. Most of the time, though, when Joey would visit, he wouldn’t bring along his wife and kids.


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Joey’s kids on ‘Fuller House’ are a bit of a handful

Joey and Giner Gladstone had four kids together, all around the same age as DJ’s middle child, Max. Their names are Phyllis Gladstone, Lewis Gladstone, Joan Gladstone, and Jerry Gladstone.

Just like their dad, these kids aren’t afraid to cause a little mischief, although the Tanner sisters agree that on certain occasions, they’re out of control. 

This character isn’t the only one who got married since the ending of Full House. DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy Gibbler had a triple wedding together during the final season of the Netflix spinoff series.

Fans can watch episodes of Fuller House on Netflix, while episodes of the original sitcom, Full House on Hulu.