Did Jordan Verroi From ‘Summer House’ Just Re-Tell A Story From ‘The 40 Year Old Virgin?’

Summer House was filled with lots of sharing and a little too much oversharing (thankfully). The crew seems to have no problem letting it all hang out whether they are alcoholically altered or not.

During a recent episode, Kyle Cooke slept in the kitchen pantry, Carl Radke and Paige DeSorbo made out in the same pantry, and Lindsay Hubbard flashed the group on a party bus.

Jordan Verroi |Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Betches

While Cooke and Radke seem to be on a suburban dad track, other house members, like Jordan Verroi are only getting started. During a raucous, drunken party bus trip to a local vineyard, the crew decided to reveal when and how they lost their virginity. Verroi’s story made the group wonder if his account was actually real.

Cooke goes first, but then it gets weird

Radke wants to know how people lost their virginity. Cooke decides to pipe up first. “Sophomore year of high school,” he says. Girlfriend Amanda Batula cracks that he’s been doing it missionary style ever since. Cue the laugher.

The group is enjoying a good laugh after Batula’s joke, but then Verroi decides to share his story. “O.k. so, it was freshman year in college,” he recounts. “We had bunkbeds, so underneath was a futon.”

He continues by saying he just lost his virginity but then proceeds to explain what happened afterward. “I’m sitting like this,” says, reclining on the party bus couches. He then describes a scenario where oral sex goes awry. Apparently, the person Verroi was with wandered into “unchartered” territory. The two were on the top bunk still and he claims he panicked. “I didn’t know what to do, I had a knee jerk reaction, ” he recalls. “I kicked her off the bunk and I broke her actual nose.” He adds that he had to take her to the hospital too.


The ladies are seen in a confessional interview montage basically cringing. Linsday Hubbard says, “I’m sure that I’ve seen this in a movie. It’s called The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Pan over to a scene from The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

Radke says, “You broke her nose!?” But in a confessional interview, Radke says, “Jordan, I’m calling bulls**t. You are a f**king liar.” While it may be hard to believe, Verroi’s story is somewhat different from the movie.

Steve Carell |Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Instead of the horror show, Verroi experienced, hero Andy Stitzer (played by Steve Carrell) is actually getting his toe sucked. He starts to giggle, saying that it tickled and then kicks the poor girl in the face. In the film, the woman backs away with blood coming from her nose and appears to be her mouth too.

While the story sounds completely insane, Verroi diverted (in a big way) from The 40-Year-Old Virgin storyline. Makes you wonder if Verroi’s story might have been even funnier in the movie.

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