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Did Josh Altman’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Just Get ‘The Brady Bunch’ Treatment?

Josh Altman has his hands full when his new client's children try to sabotage the sale on 'Million Dollar Listing Los Angles.' Who else did the same thing? 'The Brady Bunch' kids tried to make their house seem like it was haunted to deter a buyer ... and the tactic worked.

Mysterious sounds, crashing noises … is Josh Altman trying to sell a haunted house on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles? Not really. Instead, it’s the seller’s three teen daughters trying to sabotage the sale because they don’t want to move. Altman is not amused. He tells the seller, “These girls are seriously ruining the showing. I don’t mind like a little playfulness, this and that, but the other brokers think that I’m wasting their time, and they’re going to have a bad taste in their mouth about it.”

Even though the series aired decades before the seller’s daughters were born, it seems as though they took a page from The Brady Bunch 1970 episode, “To Move or Not to Move.”

Josh Altman’s ‘Million Dollar Listing’ clients took a page from ‘The Brady Bunch’?

When the Brady kids complain that the house is too small, Mike Brady decides to put it on the market. But when the kids have second thoughts about moving, they sabotage the sale by making the house appear to be haunted – just like Altman’s client’s kids.

Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing Los Angles has a Brady Bunch situation on his hands?
Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing Los Angles has a Brady Bunch situation on his hands? |Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images/ PG/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

When Mike Brady finds a home where the family can move, it becomes all too real for the kids. The kids decide to go full throttle when they know a prospective buyer plans to tour their home. From Greg Brady making eerie sounds throughout the home using a tape recorder to little Bobby and Cindy Brady clad in sheets, the Brady kids make a valiant effort. In true Brady form, the buyer is sweet when she sees what is happening. While the kids get a “talking to” from Mike Brady, alls well that ends well. The Bradys stay in their house.

But ‘The Brady Bunch’ house wasn’t a multi-million dollar mansion

And while the missed sale on The Brady Bunch seemed to end without huge consequence, Altman has a lot more on the line. When he meets with homeowner Randi, he’s also greeted by her daughters Sienna, Devin, and Kendall. Altman learns they recently moved into the home and he confirmed the girls didn’t grow up in the house. So no big deal about parting ways with it, right?


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Altman and Randi agree on a selling price of $8,750,000 so there’s a lot of cash on the line. Altman tells the sellers he thinks it will move quickly (like Mike Brady) and asks the girls if they will be helpful. They reply, “No!” Indeed, they are not helpful. In fact, they go full Brady when prospective buyers tour the house. Instead of tape-recorded ghost sounds and kids in sheets, the girls put signs on the doors, like “mold” and “infested with spiders.” The girls make a thudding sound. “Are you sure this place is not haunted?” the broker asks Altman. “I don’t want to mess with any spirits.” Altman replies, “The only spirits in here are vodka and tequila, but there are three little girls who rule this house.” The episode ends without a sale.

‘The Brady Bunch’ house actually sold … eventually

The iconic ‘Brady Bunch’ house ultimately sold, ending up on the market in 2018 for $1.8 million, House Beautiful reports. Of course, the home could command a million-dollar price tag due to being a landmark of pop culture memorabilia. And while the $1.8 million price tag was pretty hefty, HGTV bought the property – for $3.5 million.

The home is being used for nostalgia purposes and tours were going to commence, but haven’t quite started, likely due to the pandemic.