Did Kelly Dodd From ‘RHOC’ Just Side With Shannon Beador’s Husband?

Kelly Dodd, Emily Simpson — (Photo by: Phillip Faraone/Bravo)

Oh no she didn’t! Amid the epic fight on The Real Housewives of Orange County, cast member Kelly Dodd dropped a bomb on Shannon Beador.

The women had enough of hearing about Beador’s divorce. While sympathetic, the women agreed that Beador was taking advantage of their empathy, only focusing on herself and not caring about what was going on with her friends.

While the fight occurs on a trip to Jamaica, Beador’s closest friend, Tamra Judge laments about how she too struggles with her own personal crisis, but Beador only wants to talk about what is happening in her life. Although Judge confronts Beador about how she feels prior to the trip and all seems resolved, she clearly brought more baggage on the trip than her designer luggage.

Irritation for how Beador treats all the women bubbles to the surface during dinner on the trip. Beador lashes out at everyone at the table, reiterating several times how tough her life has become post-divorce. However, after she retreats, Dodd says something brutal behind her back about her marriage.

Dodd calls Beador out on something she’s guilty of before

When Dodd joined the cast, she was struggling in her marriage and often attacked the other women. She was at odds with the women and was completely iced out during a trip to Ireland when she attacked Judge’s relationship with her daughter.

Fast-forward and now she blogs about how Beador needs help. “I’m not saying or implying that Shannon is crazy. Life is crazy! What I have witnessed has given me concern. There’s no shame in seeking treatment. It’s up to everybody to find their own solutions and figure out what works for them. Maybe after this conversation, Shannon will take steps to deal with her emotional pain so she doesn’t take it out on other people. I don’t know what it will take for her to believe we were trying to help. In the meantime, there was nothing we could do to calm her down.”

But doesn’t make matters better with this comment

Beador is not present at the time, but Dodd says something that more than violates the girl code. She throws shade Beador’s way by siding with Beador’s ex-husband, David. At the bar, the women talk about how Beador seems helpless and unable to handle typical adult tasks.

First Judge mentions how David took care of everything and Beador never worked. Dodd hopped on that narrative and added how Beador went through a list of everything she had to do to Judge–which is what Judge says she does every day.  Dodd adds that Beador is crying about her $13,000 a month rent and how ridiculous that is when people need to eat and live. “People would like to have that problem,” new cast member, Emily Simpson chimes in.

And this remark made things worse

The women talk about how much Beador’s husband did, like taking the kids to school. Then, Dodd says, “David must have been some kind of saint to stay up with that for that long.” She back peddles saying how she thinks the world of Beador. But “to deal with that day in and day out, that has to be draining.”

Dodd says in her on-camera interview that she only has to deal with Beador on a friendship level. And can’t imagine having to be married or live with that. Every single day.

Wondering how Beador is going react? Probably not great.

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