Did Kris Jenner’s Estranged Sister Get a Facelift To Look Exactly Like Her?

Think you know everything about the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch. Well, a lot of fans aren’t aware that Kris Jenner has a sister.

The momager’s younger sibling’s name is Karen Houghton and you haven’t heard much about her since she and Kris are estranged. Some reports claim that Kris has always tried to keep Houghton out of the spotlight, but she found a way to make headlines anyway after reportedly getting a facelift to look just like her big sis. Here’s more on their relationship and the photos following Karen’s surgery.

Kris Jenner and her sister, Karen Houghton
Kris Jenner and her sister, Karen Houghton | Image via Karenhoughh Twitter

The sisters’ strained relationship

Houghton’s name made headlines in early 2018 after it was reported that she needed hip replacement surgery and was hospitalized but Kris never once visited her. Moreover, the reality TV star who always shouts out her family members for all their milestones, either forgot or chose to ignore Houghton’s 60th birthday. Kris’ niece, Natalie, posted photos of her mom in a hospital bed just before she had some birthday cake.

The next day Kris did post birthday message, just not for her sister.
“Happy birthday my beautiful, amazing, funny, talented, creative, thoughtful, generous, sweet and adventurous BFF! @mrshilfiger,” Kris wrote to her friend Dee Ocleppo.

Prior to her hospital stay, Houghton made news in 2014 as well when she refused to go to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding because she was afraid a raging California wildfire would destroy her home while she was gone.

On not attending Kim’s nuptials, Houghton told the Daily Mail, “I’ve been to Kim’s wedding, two of them … I’d stay at the Four Seasons and all that, but I used to be a stewardess — traveling and all of that is not a big deal to me.”

Some media outlets suggested that Kris doesn’t want her sister getting much publicity because of her poor taste in men as Houghton reportedly “has a track of being with men that have drug problems and criminal records.”

Another source added that Houghton doesn’t fit in with the Kardashian-Jenner family image saying, “Kris is so over the top when it comes to being image-conscious. And while Karen is a totally down-to-earth sweetheart, she certainly doesn’t come close to meeting the glam standards that Kris likes to publicly project for her family.”

Did Houghton get surgery to look just like her sibling?

But the biggest reason Hughton has garnered headlines over the years is for the report that she was getting a facelift to look more like her big sister.

In 2016, Houghton did undergo surgery and she posted the pictures to prove how much she resembled Kris after the procedure.

Inside Edition noted that Houghton went to plastic surgeon Dr. Ben Talei of the Beverly Hills Center and had an auralyft, which is the most extensive facelift in the world.

The surgery took five hours and several weeks to heal but once the bandages came off, Houghton was so pleased with the results.

“I look like my beautiful sister Kris and I never thought I would,” she said.

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