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As much as we think the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is meant to be forever, no one should think there’s ever a zero chance of divorce. With all the internal tensions going on with the royal family — and Meghan’s family, too — it’s likely been enough to fray the nerves of the couple.

After a while, you’d expect they might have a few fights, something that’s reportedly already happened recently. While this is a natural part of marriage, many royal fans want to know if Meghan has a prenup to make any theoretical divorce easier to handle.

In reality, prenups aren’t really feasible in the U.K., for one specific reason. If your destiny is to marry into the Windsor line, take heed.

British royals don’t have prenups

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | George Pimentel/WireImage

Many people assume that Meghan and Harry would be all over a prenup based on what happened with Charles and Diana’s divorce. Sources like Cosmo have recently analyzed this subject and noted one important aspect: Prenups aren’t really legally binding in the U.K.

While there was an agreement made between Charles and Diana in the 1990s, it wasn’t based on any prior signed agreement. As a result, no royal has signed a prenup, ever. Neither Kate Middleton and Prince William signed a prenup, nor did Meghan and Harry.

The legal definition behind this says because the queen owns all the palaces and other residences, there isn’t any concern about having to divide up properties. Issues like compensation or child custody would technically be handled by an outside court, making things slightly less complicated.

Since dividing property is far more complicated, you can see why the royals are probably happy the courts haven’t made divorces overly complex.

Meghan Markle likely signed some form of a prenup

If you look a little deeper into the legal details of prenups, a door is certainly left open for an agreement if one was ever drawn up. Most legal experts here in America say Meghan might have agreed to some sort of terms in the marriage without calling it a legal prenup. Part of this likely works out exactly how much money she’d receive from Harry if they were ever to divorce.

Other legal analysts say the reason a prenup is so frowned up in the royal family is it distracts from a strong marriage commitment. Considering marrying into royalty is an even bigger job than a typical marriage, the thought is real love has to prevail to make such a thing work.

Then you have to consider how complex the world is now compared to just nine years ago when William and Kate married. All the chaos Harry and Meghan have had to endure is beyond anything seen by other royal couples.

This thought alone makes us wonder if their devotion to one another can hold up under the media pressure.

Avoiding marriage contention by planning years ahead

Now we can see why Harry and Meghan decided to move to Frogmore Cottage — so they could have some sense of peace. Even rumors about them wanting to move to Africa makes a lot of sense.

All told, the stress they’re under and the extra work they’re putting to keep their marriage afloat is likely the best thing they can do to stay on guard. Whether that leaves any real time for love is another thing. Their retreat at Frogmore seems to be working so far thanks to long planned out security. Let’s hope Harry and Meghan can keep this shield for the rest of their lives.