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Fans aren’t exactly high on the most recent news out of the Duggar camp. While Josh and Anna are thrilled by the impending arrival of their sixth child together, fans are over the couple entirely. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in the goings-on in Duggarland, and those who had their reading caps on believe that Michelle Duggar just slipped up and sort-of announced the arrival of another Duggar grandchild.

What did Michelle Duggar say that has fans going wild?

Michelle and Jim Bob took to their family blog to extend their congratulations to Josh and Anna Duggar. Ma and Pa Duggar have long had a soft spot for their oldest son and their first daughter-in-law, but fans noticed something hinky about the message. Michelle referred to the couple’s impending child as their 16th grandchild, but the math doesn’t add up.

Josh and Anna currently have five children and will be bringing a sixth into the world in the Fall. Jessa Duggar and husband Ben Seewald are parents to Spurgeon and Henry. They are currently incubating their third child. Kendra and Joe Duggar are awaiting the arrival of their second child, while Joy-Anna and her Husband Austin Forsyth are parents to a toddler.

Jill Duggar shares two children with husband, Derick Dillard, while Jinger Duggar is mom to Felicity. That is a total of 15, but Michelle distinctly called Josh and Anna’s impending bundle of joy number 16. Did the mother of 19 lose track of her grandbabies or is she hinting at another announcement?

Fans think Joy-Anna or Jill may announce a pregnancy any minute

Some fans believe that Joy-Anna is likely to be the next Duggar to announce a pregnancy. The mother-of-one had a rough delivery with baby Gideon who was born in February 2018, but that might not be enough to stop her from another pregnancy. According to Parents, a woman who has experienced a c-section, like Joy, is advised to wait between 18 and 24 months before conceiving again.

While Joy-Anna is a contender for the next Duggar pregnancy announcement, many fans think Jill will be next. Jill has had two incredibly traumatic births, but both she and husband Derick Dillard seem open to the idea of adding more kids to the family.  Israel, the couple’s first child, was born in April 2015. Two years later, Samuel joined the family. If Jill is following the same schedule, a pregnancy announcement may not be far off. Some fans, however, think Samuel’s birth may have led to future issues with Jill’s fertility. The couple has never commented on the rumors.

Could a Duggar daughter-in-law be next?

While most fans seem to think a true Duggar will be the next lady to announce she is expecting, two new daughters-in-law might be in the running. Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar shared their heartbreaking miscarriage not long ago on Counting On, but some fans think the pair might be trying again. If Lauren is pregnant, however, she may keep things under wraps a bit longer than the first time around. After all, both she and Josiah were devastated by the miscarriage, so it would make sense that they’d keep things quiet until they are safely out of the first trimester.

The most recent Duggar bride is also a contender. Abbie Burnett is one of the oldest women to join the family. It’s possible she and John won’t waste any time starting their family. The pair wed in November 2018. While they’ve been happily forging their own path and breaking Duggar family rules since their courtship, some fans think they’ll follow the same timeline as the other couples when it comes to pregnancy.