Did NFL Star LeSean McCoy and Ex Delicia Cordon Reach a Settlement For McCoy’s Alleged Part in Cordon’s Home Invasion?

The breakup between NFL player LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon was so bad that Cordon accused her ex of having a hand in a home invasion that left her pistol-whipped and severely battered. The allegation led to a police investigation. Cordon later sued the football player, though he denied any involvement in her attack.

LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon
LeSean McCoy and designer Delicia Cordon 2017 | Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for ESPN

A confidential settlement was recently reached between the two and it’s clear that Cordon will receive a hefty payday – but does that mean McCoy has admitted to any wrongdoing? 

Delicia Cordon was a victim of a brutal home invasion attack

In July 2018, Cordon was awakened at 3 AM by a masked man beating her in an attempt to rob her. Cordon was savagely beaten and pistol-whipped by the attacker, leaving her face battered, bruised and unrecognizable. 

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In leaked audio to USA Today that Cordon places moments after being attacked, she was overheard frantically crying to the 911 operator and in shock over how bad her injuries were, telling the operator that her face was “demolished.” 

Cordon was hospitalized for her injuries and photos were later leaked to the press and on social media by her friends, who accused the fashion designer’s ex-boyfriend of setting up the attack. The accusation was corroborated by Cordon, who told the operator during her call that she thought her ex was a culprit.

Delicia Cordon explains why she feels LeSean McCoy had her set up

Cordon and McCoy dated for two years and shares a child together. She proudly posted photos of the two during their time together and also showed off the lavish gifts he brought her on Instagram, which included diamond jewelry. The two broke up and she continued to live in his Georgia mansion. 

LeSean McCoy and Delicia Cordon
LeSean McCoy and designer Delicia Cordon 2017 | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Thuzio

Cordon says that McCoy demanded she move out, even filing eviction papers. He also demanded that Cordon return all of the gifts he brought her, which she refused. Cordon claims that she overheard McCoy telling someone that he needed to get her out of his house. The next morning, Cordon was attacked and the exact jewelry gifted to her by McCoy was stolen during the home invasion, leaving her to believe that McCoy had her set up in an attempt to scare her and force her out of his home.

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Cordon opened up about the attack months later in a televised interview with Inside Edition and said that she felt McCoy was “100%” responsible for the attack. She filed a lawsuit against him. McCoy denied all claims. 

Delicia Cordon sues LeSean McCoy and reaches settlement for home invasion 

Cordon was adamant that McCoy was played part in her attack. ESPN reported in August 2018 that she filed a personal injury lawsuit against McCoy and his former University of Pittsburgh teammate, Tamarcus Porter, in connection with the incident. Porter is a longtime friend of McCoy who previously had filed eviction paperwork on McCoy’s behalf to remove Cordon from the home.

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The civil lawsuit alleged that McCoy should be held financially responsible for Cordon’s injuries, due to McCoy previously changing the security codes to the home and refused to provide them to her. Her suit argued that McCoy “breached his duty to use ordinary care to protect Plaintiff from dangerous activities being conducted at the Residence.”

The suit also reveals that during the attack, the assailant indicated to Cordon that he knew McCoy. Cordon sought money she felt was owed for stolen property, including $133,000 for the stolen jewelry and $13,000 in furniture that was taken by McCoy’s family and friends and not returned to the home prior to her moving.

Cordon also sued McCoy to turn over security footage from the home so that she could analyze what occurred on the night in question. She says the house has a high-end security system that covers every section of the mansion, but that McCoy refused to hand over the tapes. 

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The Celebrity gossip site Bossip reported that McCoy and Cordon reached a settlement agreement on Dec. 4. Though the terms of the agreement are not made public, the media outlet did say that Cordon will receive a financial payment. Cordon won’t be able to sue McCoy again for the incident, as the case was dismissed with prejudice. 

Neither have commented since the settlement was announced but McCoy maintains his innocence.