Did Prince William and Kate Middleton Ban Video Games in Their Home?

Once upon a time, Prince William said Kate Middleton probably wouldn’t approve of him getting a PS4. While the Prince saw some potential in PlayStation’s newest console, he was sure the Duchess of Cambridge would deny him the pleasure of diving in head first. Considering he admitted the system is addictive, it’s not surprising the young mother would be hesitant.

As it turns out, Prince William was probably right as Middleton has brought her husband on board for a few game related household rules. 

iPads are banned at Kensington Palace

Royal parents do their best to give their children a normal childhood. Sure they are raised as royalty, but they certainly deserve the opportunity to embrace their youth. For a lot of children that means having access to a wealth of video games on portable systems as well as home consoles.

While the prince’s and princesses get to enjoy their formative years, they aren’t allowed to tamper with one of Apple’s most addicting products, the iPad. The experienced parents encourage their children to play outdoors when the weather is nice or to interact with “analog” toys. Considering the pair grew up beautifully without access to gadgets with tons of bells and whistles it’s not surprising. They just want their children to use their imaginations and live a real childhood that isn’t ruled by TV and video games.

Television is also limited at Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do their best to limit screen time for their eldest, Prince George. In his few years on the planet, he has developed a love for television and already has a few favorite shows and video games. The loving parents give Prince George one hour of TV time daily. Why aren’t his younger siblings held to such standards?

If Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis showed a strong interest in TV, they would certainly impose these rules on them. As it stands the two youngest enjoy spending time in the garden with their mother more than indulging in TV. Prince George also has other hobbies that keep him busy after he uses up his TV time including skiing, tennis, playing in the garden with his siblings, and enjoying his dinosaur figures. 

What do Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis get to play with?

Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis get to use their imaginations to their heart’s content. They are encouraged to enjoy sports, play in the great outdoors and to interact with old school toys. So what are some of the royal children’s go-to’s? Prince George absolutely adores the infamous colorful building bits, Legos. Before discovering the joy of Legos, he had some wooden blocks to sharpen his skills. The young Prince was also given an amazing rocking horse, a bicycle that he loves riding, and a wooden train. He’s already shown an intense love for two specific subsets of toys: things on wheels and police related items.

Princess Charlotte was gifted a wooden baby walker when she was very young and utilized it to push some of her other toys around. As she got older, she developed a love for more wooden toy sets and Disney princesses. Considering Prince Louis is so young he doesn’t have any faves yet, but with two older siblings to show him the ropes he’s sure to handle the non-electronic toy life with ease. 

Are any other toys banned at the palace?

Outside of banning iPads and limiting screen time there is one surprising board game that has made the no-go list in Kensington Palace. The popular board game Monopoly. The royal family as a whole isn’t allowed to play the game. While no one really knows who started the rule, Prince Andrew once commented that the family isn’t allowed to play the game at home. In his opinion, “It gets too vicious.” Anyone who’s played Monopoly knows how cutthroat things can get, so it’s probably good it isn’t allowed at the kid’s table, or any table for that matter!