Did ‘RHOC’ Star Kelly Dodd Really Push Her Mom Down the Stairs?

Kelly Dodd has stirred up a lot of drama on the Real Housewives of Orange County over the years – and it doesn’t look like she’s slowing down anytime soon. This season, Dodd has lashed out on several occasions and her actions have even landed a co-star in the hospital. One of the RHOC star’s biggest scandals, however, is the rumor that she pushed her mom down a flight of stairs, a topic Vicki Gunvalson revisited on a recent episode. But are there any truth to the rumors?

RHOC Kelly Dodd Vicki Gunvalson
‘RHOC’ stars Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Vicki Gunvalson dishes on Dodd’s violent past

The drama heated up on a recent episode of RHOC when Gunvalson invited Kelly Dodd to her tea party in celebration of her birthday. But when Tamra Judge asked Dodd if she was going to the bash, she said that she would rather go to Gunvalson’s funeral instead.

Judge called Dodd during the party and urged her to come anyway. Although Dodd and Gunvalson had recently agreed to a truce, she said she wasn’t feeling up for it. Judge “supposedly” did not plan on telling Gunvalson about Dodd’s comment, but she eventually let it slip as the night wore on.

Gunvalson did not react well to the insult, though she did quip that Dodd wouldn’t be invited to her funeral.


Later that night, Gunvalson and Shannon Beador discussed Kelly Dodd’s antics this season. The conversation brought the OG of the OC to tears, and she talked about how Dodd is the one who took their feud to social media.

According to All About The Tea, Gunvalson also mentioned the rumors that Dodd pushed her own mom down the stairs, though Beador quickly shut that talk down.

In fact, Beador and Judge offered to mediate between Vicki Gunvalson and Dodd to settle their feud once and for all. There’s no telling if the women will ever make amends, but the conversation has sparked a renewed interest in Dodd’s history with her mother.

Inside Kelly Dodd’s family drama

Dodd’s troubles with her family have been well documented over the years. The drama started in Dodd’s first season on RHOC when her mother, Bobbi Meza, and brother, Eric Meza, moved in with her.

The reality star’s brother appeared on the show a few times in season 11, though both he and his mother dropped off the map in season 12.  He later revealed that he purchased a house with his girlfriend and was forced to move his mother away from Dodd, who was abusing her both mentally and physically.

In a shocking Instagram post, he later accused Dodd of pushing his mom down some stairs and slammed the reality star for neglecting her own children. In response to the allegations, Dodd took to Facebook and blasted her brother for spreading lies. In the now deleted post, Kelly Dodd called her brother “pathetic” and a “backstabbing liar.”

She also told her followers that Eric has a criminal history and cannot be trusted because of an addiction to cocaine.  While Dodd’s family life was clearly on the fritz, she later claimed to have made amends with the mom and brother.

Dodd claims her family life is good

A few months ago, Kelly Dodd revealed that her mother has moved back to Arizona to be with her brother, who has also returned home. She then claimed that she is on good terms with her mom, despite all of the abuse rumors.

Dodd went on to say that her family has visited her in California several times over the summer and things have returned to normal. She even told fans that her brother and mom might appear in season 12 of RHOC, though that has yet to happen.

In regards to the abuse rumors, Dodd claims that she has never laid a finger on her mom. She admitted that they were fighting last year but says it never got physical.

It is difficult to say who is telling the truth, though there is no denying that Kelly Dodd likes to stir the pot.

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