Did Solange’s Son Julez Smith and Skai Jackson Date and Have They Now Broken up?

As is the case with normal teenage romances, in the event of a breakup it is customary for those involved to take to social media to air out their grievances. When your aunt is Beyoncé however, the attention is a bit more focused.

Beyoncé’s nephew, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., who is mostly referred to as Julez, has recently received some attention over the trending rumors of his relationship with actress and former Disney Channel star Skai Jackson. Smith, who is the son of artist Solange Knowles and her high school sweetheart, has largely remained out of the public spotlight with the exception of appearances in family photos and videos.

Skai Jackson in 2019
Skai Jackson in 2019 | Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

More recently, however, images surfaced from an alleged screenshot conversation where he allegedly detailed his relationship with Jackson and seemed to offer staunch criticism of his experience in the relationship. 

Smith, 16, has a face recognizable to many as one of the heirs to the Knowles legacy. Jackson, 18, is best known for her role on the Disney Channel show Jessie. The two, previously not captured on photos together, were rumored to be dating as a result of leaked groupchat messages where Smith was discussing their relationship.

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In the messages, it was revealed that Smith was allegedly relationship with Jackson but they have since called it off after she allegedly cheated. The texts, allegedly written by Smith (as reported by Rap-Up), claim the two had a relationship, but she was unfaithful so he got revenge. The messages said “I made sure to ruin her life,” and that he “got her addicted and then left her. It’s complicated.”

Others in the thread were shocked by the two-year age difference and in response to the shock, the alleged Smith wrote, “age don’t matter.” The messages have not been verified and Smith nor Jackson have publicly commented on the matter. However, that hasn’t stopped Twitter uses from talking about it.

A photo of the supposed former couple surfaced as well

As fans took note of the relationship and discussed it on Twitter, a photo was discovered of the two near white and gold ottoman as they posed for the camera in a mirror.

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Behind the two, is a poster fans immediately recognized as memorabilia presumably from Jackson’s first Disney Channel show, Jessie.

As reported by The Jasmine Brand, Smith was reportedly asked on his Instagram story if he and Jackson were still friends, and he responded, “f***k no.”

Though neither party has spoken specifically on the relationship since the news was uncovered online, spectators were surprised of the romance and the two remain a trending topic online.