Did Someone Just Try to Catfish Bravo’s Andy Cohen?

Bravo producer Andy Cohen shared a wild conversation he had with an individual who tried to scam him out of money. The individual in question directly messaged Cohen under the guise of an “alternative” account from friend Anderson Cooper.

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper
Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Always on the ball, Cohen knew pretty early in the conversation what the person was trying to do. But clearly he was bored and decided to mess with the person. Cohen posted the entire exchange to his Instagram story and even jokingly created a headline, “Adventures in Engaging with a Catfish (I was bored).”

One indication the messages were not coming from Cooper was his profile photo was different from his actual account photo on Instagram. Also, the conversation coming from the fake Cooper account was clunky and Cohen notes the fake Cooper used terms and phrases Cooper doesn’t normally use either.

The first indication was he called Cohen ‘honey’

When Cohen is being snarky he likes to use the word “sweetie” but certainly not honey. Apparently that term of endearment isn’t often used by Cooper either. The fake account first thanks Cohen for liking and commenting on his posts (weird).

Andy Cohen Instagram story
Andy Cohen Instagram story

Cohen notices the oddity of the message from the beginning and asks fake Cooper if he is messaging him from his “backup” account. He then asks the fake Cooper if he is attending his son Benjamin’s first birthday party. Cohen then reminds (fake) Cooper that he hasn’t returned his calls. The reason? Fake Cooper claims his “phones down.”

Of course, Cohen sees that remark as being pretty suspicious too. But Cohen continues to play along. Cooper says he has a lot on his mind right now, which Cohen questions. Fake Cooper then writes, “I have a bit of a challenge I need to sort out today and I’m a bit under cash so I’m just looking for a way to see how I get things fixed.”

Now Cohen just decides to mess with the person

Cohen questions fake Cooper about needing cash especially when fake Cooper says he needs “boxes” of $500. “First you called me ‘honey’ and now you’re asking for boxes of cash?? This is weird.”

Andy Cohen Instagram story
Andy Cohen Instagram story

He adds this whole thing seems out of character for Cooper, especially since Cohen knows Cooper has plenty of money. But fake Cooper’s reasoning is that he invested his money and that’s why he needs cash. But when Cohen suggests giving Cooper the money at Ben’s party, fake Cooper pulls the classic scam. “I actually want to send the cash to someone in the UK his wife needs it now so if you can make a quick transfer that would be just perfect.”

At this point, Cohen has to be laughing. He decides to continue to play along. After Cohen says a transfer on a Sunday may not be possible, fake Cooper instructs Cohen to head to a Walmart and purchase an Amazon gift card to send. Fake Cooper goes on about how he needs the money, now for a friend whose wife is in the hospital. Cohen seems clearly annoyed but when fake Cooper suggests he hit the North Bergen New Jersey Walmart, Cohen wrote, “SWEETIE.”

Cohen busts the dude

He then offers to ship the gift card directly to the friend in question but then remarks about how he has no idea who this person is, plus he knows Cooper’s friends. Fake Cooper keeps needling Cohen about sending the money so Cohen comes up with the perfect plan. “You’re really BOSSY this morning, you know that? I left an envelope with 1000 cash with my doorman. It has your name on it. Come pick it up. See you later.”

Andy Cohen Instagram story
Andy Cohen Instagram story

Of course, fake Cooper can’t go over to Cohen’s apartment and keeps pleading for him to send the money. But Cohen says the cash is downstairs and he’s going to call him.

Fake Cooper keeps asking for money and accuses Cohen of not wanting to help him. Cohen’s final comment on the thread is “I just hung up with Anderson.” Boom.