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When Teddi Mellencamp from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was heavily embroiled in the “Puppy Gate” drama she delivered one line that would come back to haunt her.

During a fateful dinner on a girls’ trip, Mellencamp emphatically insisted she did not lie about her part in the plot, plus she said she never lies. Her delivery was dramatic and became somewhat of her personal mic drop. Until it blew up later on the show.

Teddi Mellencamp
Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

During the reunion, host Andy Cohen replayed segments of the show that led up to Mellencamp’s declaration. He asked her about it and she gave him a pretty frank answer. But did she finally take accountability? The cast, her close friend Kyle Richards and viewers weigh in.

Did she lie?

Cohen turned to Mellencamp during the reunion and said, “It’s striking to me when you said at the table, ‘I never lie.’ Weren’t you still lying because the others didn’t know…”

Mellencamp jumped in. “I definitely learned my lesson in speaking in absolutes.” Cohen confirmed she was indeed lying. Cohen also asked why Mellencamp even got into the middle since she didn’t have anything to do with Dorit Kemsley’s dog adoption mess.

Looking back, Mellencamp wishes she could go back and change how events played out. “I wish I would have never brought it up again,” Mellencamp said. Beyond “Puppy Gate,” Cohen also asked the women if Mellencamp has ever described them inaccurately or talked behind their backs. They all pretty much agreed she had.

Does Mellencamp think she was wrong?

Mellencamp was often dogged on the show for being an accountability coach but never taking accountability for her actions. After the reunion episode aired, Mellencamp tweeted she took full responsibility for her actions.

“I know I wasn’t forthcoming about the exact details of doggygate. I am not proud of my initial instinct to give a convenient — and not completely honest — account of events.” She also admitted, “I didn’t live up to my own standards through my actions and that’s what’s most difficult of all.”

Fans have been especially hard on Mellencamp this season and showed no mercy on Twitter either. “You pinned everything on LVP (without any proof) while concealing your true actions,” one person responded. “You only confessed when you got caught and even then, you still blamed LVP (without proof). And, what’s even more disturbing is that Kyle knew from the beginning and went along with it all.”

Does Kyle Richards think Mellencamp owned it?

Richards appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and was asked if she thought Mellencamp was taking accountability. Cohen also ran a poll and viewers definitely didn’t think she took accountability.

Richards insisted Mellencamp has taken accountability on a number of times with the cast and she is an honest person. Plus she responded to Camille Grammer referring to her friendship with Mellencamp as being “creepy” and that Mellencamp is “up Kyle’s ass.”

Cohen rolled out another poll with viewers agreeing that Mellencamp is “up Kyle’s ass.” But Richards insists that is not true.