Did The ‘Man Overboard’ Episode Make ‘Below Deck’ History?

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The Man Overboard episode of Below Deck had fans on edge. A traumatic accident occurs and fans were locked into finally seeing what transpires. While many loyal viewers felt rooked in the end, this episode may have marked a turning point in the reality series.

Bravo advertised a near-death accident. Plus Captain Lee Rosbach looks nothing less than shook in interviews. So fans made this episode appointment T.V. as they waited to finally find out, after months of speculation what happened. So what ultimately occurred when the episode aired and how did this episode possibly make Below Deck history?

The entire season has been a cliffhanger so…

When the Man Overboard episode only featured the same footage as seen in the previews, viewers were not happy. Second stew Josiah Carter asked Twitter followers what they thought about the episode and fans exploded. “I’m sick of the damn cliffhangers,” one person responded. “Lame and lamer I cant take the stress!” Deckhand Ashton Pienaar is identified as being the unfortunate deckhand. But he’s been posting to social media and doing media appearances. So fans know he lived to tell the tale.

However, Pienaar was in grave danger and faced having his ankle amputated because the rope was wrapped around the limb so tightly, All About the Tea reports.

This is where the show ranked for Tuesday night

According to Show Buzz Daily, the Man Overboard episode of Below Deck ranked number two on the top 50 original broadcasts on cable television. The only show ahead of Below Deck was The Curse of Oak Island on the History Channel. While ratings for the Below Deck episode were above average across the board, it ranked even higher in other categories. This included adults between the ages of 18 to 49.

Overall, Man Overboard procured 1.814 million viewers, which may have set a new high for the series. Unfortunately, the blockbuster episode of Below Deck did not do much to help the premier of aquatic hopeful, Unanchored. The show didn’t crack the top 50 and premiered with significantly fewer viewers.

According to some viewers, Man Overboard is the highest ranking episode in the show’s history. Bravo Ratings, an unverified Twitter user proclaimed, “For those confused: this is the highest number of total viewers #BelowDeck has ever got. the 0.69 demo is the highest the demo has been this current season, the highest the demo has been previously was a 0.75 on November 17th 2015.”

Could ‘Below Deck’ be edging out ‘Real Housewives?’

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Below Deck‘s ratings on seem to keep climbing. The season three premiere made Below Deck history with 1.6 million total viewers, which was the highest rated season premiere for the series. Even though season six was highly anticipated, it debuted with only 1,265 million.

However, the show is gaining traction on the Bravo network. Originally leveraged as Real Housewives dessert, the show may be outpacing Real Housewives ratings. “This year, the innocent-by-comparison yachting docu has more than once beaten Housewives OG Orange County in the ratings, left Dallas in the dust and gotten within spitting distance of former juggernaut Atlanta,” according to Screen Rant.

“Despite being replete with Bravo’s typically pleasing formula of luxury meets manic melodrama, the Real Housewives shows now only survive by finding ways to reinvent and/or double down on the incestuous drama between cast members,” Screen Rant continued. Real Housewives be warned.

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