Did Tyler Rowland from ‘Below Deck’ Apologize to Rhylee Gerber?

Tyler Rowland Instagram

There’s a pretty good chance deckhand Tyler Rowland cringed his way through the latest episode of Below Deck. Rowland and fellow deckhand Rhylee Gerber were hooking up on the show on a regular basis. And clearly, the two liked each other quite a bit.

However, when Gerber expressed making plans with Rowland post charter he froze. And even asked her out on a date to tell her he didn’t want to continue their relationship on land. Obviously, Gerber was crushed even though she managed to put on a brave face. The two eventually seemed to find common ground on the show, but the episode had an impact on viewers and cast members.

This was not lost on Captain Lee

Captain Lee Rosbach often says he is not privy to what occurs “below deck.” And he didn’t realize what had occurred with the couple until it aired. Rosbach first took to Twitter to give Rowland a lashing. “Oh, hell yes you know, you just don’t want to admit it and now you want to spin everything in your favor. Duhhhhhh, why can’t we just go back to banging? If you had two brains they would rattle. No consideration for someone elses feelings but your own physical gratification. Sad.”

He also made comments on his blog. “Tyler, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why you were digging yourself such a hole with Rhylee. You have just made one screw up after another. I mean, when Josiah asks you if you loved her, did you not think before you blurted out Yes? Then only to retract it when Kate put it over the radio.”

Rosbach ponders why Rowland made the date to dump Gerber. Plus when expected to hook up still later. “Some day, somewhere, sometime, a girl is going to do the same thing to you and that’s when the light will go on, I hope,” he wrote.

Gerber and fans respond

The episode had to be tough for Gerber to watch too. One fan tweeted, “I just watched @rhylee_gerber get dumped by trowland3. Rhylee is smoking hot! I’d move to Alaska for her.” Gerber retweeted the comment. And when someone posted about Rosbach having Gerber’s back, she tweeted “Same” and heart emojis.

But clearly, the relationship is water under the bridge for Gerber. She retweeted an image chief stew Kate Chastain posted of Gerber and Rowland. And added, “I’m soooooo sorrrrreeyyyyy i caught feelings Taylor!!” Of course, Rowland jokingly responds, “You should know my name is Tyler by now. I’ve told you 5 times already.”

She also made fun of the entire situation in a tweet. “Go on a date with me.” – Tyler “I love this girl” – Tyler “I’m gona marry her” – Tyler “Hey Tyler, Lets combine forces and make money and f**k all over” – Rhylee “Whoa, don’t scare me off.” – Tyler.”

Rowland comes around

Seeing his behavior on camera (plus getting a scolding from Rosbach) steered Rowland to do the right thing. He took to Twitter to issue an apology to Gerber. “@rhylee_gerber I apologize for treating you the way I did and I’m no proud of my childish ways. I should have grown some huevos and let you know my intentions before leading you on. We had some great times and you deserve better than that. #manup #belowdeck #taylor.”

Apology accepted (from fans at least). “Good job realizing this. Both good people on a reality show, that unless you have been there…. nobody has a clue what it’s like. I enjoyed every episode and realize you are all human!!!” one person added to the thread. Rowland also thanked Rosbach for calling him out. “Thanks also @capthlr for schooling me on how to become a true gentleman. I have grown as a person from this experience and only want to become a better man from it.”

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