Did Whitney Houston’s Marriage to Bobby Brown Put a Strain on Her Friendship with Robyn Crawford?

Robyn Crawford might have always been there for Whitney Houston, but once the singer married Bobby Brown, their deep friendship just wasn’t the same from then on.

In her new memoir, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston, Crawford recalls her most memorable moments with the iconic songstress over the years.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown | L. Cohen/WireImage

While she initially believed that nothing could come between her and Houston’s friendship, Crawford soon realized that people change when they’re in love.

Crawford knew things were going to change once Houston said “I Do”

There are only a few people Houston considered to be her closest confidants and Crawford was one of them.

For three decades, the two women had a solid relationship that many questioned to be more than just friendly.

Throughout the years, Houston and Crawford were at the center of ongoing romance rumors that neither one confirmed until now.

In her new memoir, Crawford recalls the special moments she shared with the late singer and confirmed that they once had a romantic relationship.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston
Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston | Dave Hogan/Getty Images

However, Houston ended their short-lived romance soon after landing a record deal with Clive Davis.

In the years following, Houston and Crawford remained close friends and their bond continued to stay strong.

But after the singer got engaged to R&B crooner, Bobby Brown, Crawford knew their relationship wasn’t going to be the same once Houston was married.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown | Chris Walter/WireImage

In her book, Crawford recalls the moment when Houston told her Brown had proposed.

“Bobby asked me to marry him and I think I’m going to do it,” Crawford wrote. She then went on to ask Houston if she loved Brown with the singer replying “yes.”

Fast forward to the day Houston and Brown tied the knot, Crawford, who was the Maid of Honor, shares in her book that she knew her relationship with the singer was going to change the moment she took the bouquet from her friend.

“I was very emotional,” she writes of the wedding day. “I looked into her eyes when I took her bouquet — taking one last look.”

Crawford claims that Houston wasn’t the same after getting married

Although Crawford and Houston continued to remain close friends following the singer’s wedding, their friendship soon became strained.

In her memoir, Crawford recalls the singer becoming very distant and isolated in the months following her wedding due to Houston’s drug use intensifying and her tumultuous marriage making headlines.

“I saw and heard him speak to her in ways that were demeaning, and [he] talked down to her,” she shared in her book.

Although she wasn’t the biggest fan of Brown or the way he treated her friend, Crawford insists that the “My Prerogative” singer wasn’t the one who got Houston into drugs.

“I would remind Whitney that, you know, we said doing coke couldn’t go where we’re going and we’re already there,” Crawford shared while appearing on Today. “So we shouldn’t be doing it. I’d notice that she would go ahead and do it. She was having difficulty stopping.”

Crawford continued, “She wasn’t doing it [drugs] regularly, but she would do it sometimes and might, you know– overdo it. But, you know, Bobby, he didn’t introduce her to cocaine.”

As the years passed, Houston’s drug use escalated, resulting in her pushing those she was closest to away.

Although Crawford tried sticking by her friend, their relationship just wasn’t getting any better and they eventually fell out of touch.

While Crawford admits that Houston would call her every now and again, they were never as close as they once were.

The day she heard of Houston’s death in 2012, Crawford wrote in her book, “I felt my inside shattering.”

Now that she’s shared her story, Crawford hopes that people will see just how special her and Houston’s friendship was.

Though their relationship was strained in the years leading up to the singer’s shocking death, Crawford will always cherish the beautiful memories she and Houston were able to make together.