Diego Luna Reveals Why ‘Andor’ Premiered With 3 Episodes on Disney+

Andor recently debuted on Disney+ and is off to a hot start with many positive reviews from audiences and critics. Unlike other Star Wars shows on Disney+, Andor premiered with three episodes instead of one. Star Diego Luna explains why Andor dropped three episodes on its premiere date. SPOILER ALERT!

The premiere of ‘Andor’ sets up the seeds of rebellion

Diego Luna attends the special launch of Andor in Los Angeles
Diego Luna | Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images

Andor opens and immediately lets audiences know that this is a more mature Star Wars series. Cassian is looking for information on his sister and kills two employees of a corporation called Pre-Mor. Cassian is now a man on the run looking for a way to escape the Pre-Mor, who is on his tail.

Meanwhile, Luthen (Stellan Skarsgard) is looking for Andor and tells him about a small opposing group that is joining the Empire. However, Andor is reluctant to join the Rebel Alliance as flashbacks show how he suffered tragedy at the hands of the Republic. The two escape the planet Ferrix, and now Cassian is beginning his career within the Rebellion. 

Diego Luna explains why ‘Andor’ premiered with 3 episodes

In an interview with The Jess Cagle Podcast With Julia Cunningham, Diego Luna reveals why Andor had a three-episode premiere. The Mexican actor says that giving fans a decent chunk to start with allows them to connect with the characters and the world being established. It also gives viewers an idea of where the show is going, only for episode 4 to change that perspective. 

“The launch is special, and we wanted to give the most we can to fans,” Luna says. “But also I’m very proud of the show, and we think the show deserves that — deserves the chance to really connect with audiences. And the best way to do that I think is to show a big chunk of it, so you get to know all these characters, this universe, these planets we are presenting on the show, and the tone of the show, which is so special and unique.”

“You put three episodes out there, and you might think like ‘Oh OK, I know where this is going,’” Luna continues. “But then wait for [episode] 4 because the fourth will show you that no the series is about something else. And then fifth … and it keeps growing.”

It’s hard to know where the series is going next. Andor will become more in tune with the rebellion, and it will be intriguing to see the Rebel Alliance in the early stages. We also know from trailers that Mon Mothma is set to appear, so we could see what the Imperial Senate looks like and how Mon Mothma is beginning a rebellion from within. 

When is ‘Andor’ season 4 going to premiere?

Episode 4 of Andor will premiere next Wednesday. Each episode will premiere weekly until episode 12, which is the season finale. Season 2 will also consist of 12 episodes, making the series 24 episodes in total. 

The first three episodes of Andor are streaming on Disney+. 

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