‘Dirty Dancing’ Star Jennifer Grey Says She Wouldn’t Be Where She Is Without Access to Abortion

Jennifer Grey, star of the movie Dirty Dancing, has a lot to say about the recent Supreme Court abortion ruling. The actor reportedly says she had her own experience with abortion, and she doesn’t think she would have the life she has today without the freedom of choice. 

Jennifer Grey refers to ‘unwanted pregnancies’

Jennifer Grey at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.
Jennifer Grey | Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic

In her book, Grey implies she has had abortions. She mentions having “unwanted pregnancies” as a teenager. Grey also talks about living a lifestyle that included drugs and partying. She says when she looks back on that time and imagines what it would be like if her daughter led that kind of life, it makes her “physically ill.”

Grey tells the Los Angeles Times she doesn’t take the decision to end a pregnancy lightly. It’s a life-changing event that never goes away. “It’s such a grave decision,” she says. “And it stays with you.”

Jennifer Grey says she wouldn’t have the life she has without the choice of abortion

During her LA Times interview, Grey talks about the freedom that access to abortion provided her. She doesn’t think she would have the life she has today if she didn’t have this option.

“I wouldn’t have my life,” Grey tells the Los Angeles Times. “I wouldn’t have had the career I had, I wouldn’t have had anything,” Grey says. “And it wasn’t for lack of taking it seriously. I’d always wanted a child. I just didn’t want a child as a teenager. I didn’t want a child where I was [at] in my life.”

Grey feels strongly about the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. In her eyes, the decision wasn’t the right way to go.

“This is just so fundamentally wrong, and it is sounding a bell for all women to rise up and use their voice now because we have assumed, since 1973, that our choice was safe and that it was never going to be overturned,” she says.

Jennifer Grey was excited to become a mother

Although Grey was grateful for abortion access when she was younger, she was happy to become a mother years later. It was the right time in her life, and she felt better equipped to care for another person.

Grey discovered she was pregnant with her daughter, Stella, when she was 41 years old. She decided to marry her daughter’s father, Clark Gregg in 2001 (they later divorced in 2021).

Grey says she was excited to become a mother. For her, it was what she was meant to be. In her book, she describes being a mother as her “dream job.” She expressed the joy she felt after finding out she was going to have a baby.

“There was no question that what I was doing was something that mattered,” says Grey in her book. “Becoming a mother, was, for me, the greatest thing on earth.”

Grey described how motherhood changed the way she thought about herself and life. She says she was less concerned with how she looked and what others thought of her. She was also less concerned about her nose. Says Grey, “For the first time, I felt that what I was doing was actually meaningful.”

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