Disgraced ‘Today’ Show Host Matt Lauer Just Came Out of Hiding in the Most Bizarre Way

Matt Lauer has finally come out of the shadows and he did so in one of the most bizarre ways possible. The disgraced Today show host, who has been in hiding since he was booted from the show in late 2017, was just featured in a video on his daughter, Romy Lauer’s, social media account. The clip shows Lauer dancing and lip-syncing without a care in the world. Is this Lauer’s way of coming back?

Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer | Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage

Lauer comes out of hiding

Lauer was featured in several of his daughter’s TikTok videos, including a clip of him dancing to “Hot Shower” by Chance the Rapper. Another video shows the former anchor eating some cereal while lip-syncing a track from Heathers: The Musical called “Big Fun.”

Fans, of course, had mixed reactions to Matt Lauer’s appearance on the platform. While some criticized Lauer for using his daughter to get attention, others did not waste the opportunity to get in a few jabs.

“Did the door behind you have a remote lock?” one TikTok user wrote.

The comment was referencing the allegations that Lauer could lock his office door by pressing a button underneath his desk. In reality, the button was used to shut the door and did not have any locking capabilities.

While a good portion of the comments were negative, some followers expressed their support for Matt Lauer and a few said they want him back on television. Prior to the videos, the last time we saw Lauer was back in July when he took his boat out in the Hamptons.

The clips also come weeks after Lauer’s ex-wife, Annette Roque, put the final touches on their divorce papers. According to Page Six, Roque received millions of dollars as part of the divorce settlement.

The two tied the knot in 1998 and share have three children: Romy, Jack, and Thijs.

Is Matt Lauer returning to TV?

Appearing in his daughter’s social media videos is one thing but returning to the world of television is something completely different. But that is exactly what Lauer is reportedly doing.

Inside sources claim that Lauer has been working with Tamron Hall to produce an in-depth interview about his sexual misconduct scandal. The interview will allegedly cover his exit from NBC and will include details that were kept away from the public. The chat is reportedly Lauer’s way of firing back against claims that will be released in several upcoming books.

Sources claim that Matt Lauer is not looking to come back to television. Instead, he wants to set the record straight and is determined to fight anything that drags his name through the mud.

Hall also has some beef to settle. She was let go from NBC so that the network could sign Megyn Kelly to a huge contract. Now that she has her own talk show, Hall is looking to get even. That said, Hall has not commented on the rumors and there has not been any evidence to support Lauer’s alleged interview. If the reports are true, however, it should make for some interesting drama.

Inside Katie Couric’s scathing tell-all

One of the tell-alls that Matt Lauer is reportedly most afraid of is Katie Couric’s upcoming memoir, Unexpected. Couric is expected to open up about working with Lauer in the book and discuss the allegations that led to his exit.

To help minimize the damage, Lauer has reportedly reached out to Couric and begged her to remove his name from the project.

Lauer has been laying low in an effort to repair his public image and is afraid that Couric’s book will undo everything he has done in the past two years.

Unfortunately for Lauer, Couric is still developing the memoir and has not decided what she wants to keep. In fact, a source revealed that Couric has not even written an outline for the book, which is only making Lauer more nervous.

Couric’s memoir is not expected to hit stores until 2021. She was allegedly paid $12 million to pen the book, so the publisher is definitely expecting something juicy.

Matt Lauer has not commented on the latest reports surrounding his comeback.