Disney is Reportedly Creating a Rapunzel Live-Action Film and Fans Have Thoughts

Nothing can stop the machine that is Disney from going into its vaults for its next piece of creative inspiration – or remake. It looks like it’s happening again, and the “it” we’re referring to is a fresh live-action makeover of an old princess property.

This time, there is speculation that the media behemoth will revive the story of Rapunzel, the long-haired maiden trapped in a tower.

Scene from 'Tangled: The Series'
Scene from ‘Tangled: The Series’ | Disney Channel via Getty Images

Wait, is a ‘Tangled’ remake coming?

Many will admit that Tangled has become a favorite in Disney’s animated cannon with its floating lights, humor, a lovable Flynn Rider, and of course the naïve, conflicted, and brave Rapunzel. The 2010 flick put an original spin on an old fairy tale, something that the company is quite adept at doing.

But does that mean Tangled will be retold in a live-action format? No one is sure, but Screen Rant reports that a Rapunzel story is definitely in development. The outlet confirmed that screenwriter Ashleigh Powell is working on a script for this new version.

It’s also been revealed that Rapunzel 3.0 will be heading to theaters and not to Disney+ like Lady and the Tramp. The only question is whether it will bea re-do of Tangled or a retelling of Grimms’ tale.

Disney’s first Rapunzel story was a blockbuster

Tangled featured Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi in the cast and the musical film scored big at the box office, beating out Harry Potter at the time. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie grossed roughly $594 million worldwide.

Released in December 2010, Tangled surprised forecasters who didn’t think it would fare so well against the wizard franchise. But the magic of Disney princesses and the Christmas season paid off as Forbes pointed out, making it one of Disney’s most successful princess films.

Fans have mixed feelings

Slowly, the news is winding its way through the internet and Disney fans have their own opinions. While some are already calling out who they’d love to see in the lead roles (Zayn Malik and Ariana Grande are winning), others are convinced Disney would be making a mistake.

Redditors are skeptical that a Rapunzel live-action film will be good unless it follows the vein of Cinderella or Mulan with fresh takes on the story. Citing Aladdin and The Lion King as examples of simple, unimaginative retellings, some are not on board with Tangled or any other version of Rapunzel being remade.

Then there is a camp that is totally against live-action reboots and want to enjoy the sacredness of an animated classic in its one form.

In the meantime, fans are loving Disney Channel’s animated shows Tangled: The Series and Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. The storylines pick up after the events of the 2010 film and follow Flynn and Rapunzel, and the shows draw in viewers across all age brackets.

Since it is too premature to tell if Disney’s new Rapunzel will veer onto a new path or borrow elements from Tangled, fans will have to wait and create their mental wish lists of what they’d love to see if this film gets an official green light.