When Does Disney and Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Come Out?

Travel to the Italian Riviera with Disney and Pixar’s upcoming release. Luca is a Disney+ original film starring a few sea monsters on a new adventure together. When does this movie debut on the streaming platform? Here’s what we know about Luca and where to watch it

A clip from Disney and Pixar's animated film, 'Luca'
A clip from Disney and Pixar’s animated film, ‘Luca’ | Walt Disney Studios

Disney and Pixar released their official trailer for ‘Luca,’ the animated Disney+ original

In February 2021, Disney and Pixar released their teaser trailer for their animated film, Luca. With the clip, viewers saw the dynamic friend duo of Luca and Alberto. These two would just be normal best friends if it wasn’t for their huge secret — they’re sea monsters. 

In a society that fears these creatures, these two embark on a land adventure with their friend Giulia, traveling across the Italian Riviera.

This Disney and Pixar film comes just a few months after the release of Soul, the Academy Award-winning Disney and Pixar production. Luca will be a Disney+ original, available to subscribers on almost any device. 

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When does Disney and Pixar’s ‘Luca’ come out?

This wouldn’t be the first Pixar movie that released straight to Disney’s streaming platform. Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on Disney and Pixar’s release schedule, Soul became available to all subscribers during December 2020.

After just weeks of playing in theaters and being available for purchase digitally and physically, Onward, featuring the voices of Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, made the switch to Disney’s subscription service. 

Unlike some recent releases, including the live-action film Cruella, this movie will not be available in theaters. That makes Disney and Pixar’s Luca a Disney+ original, available to all subscribers on June 18.

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What is the inspiration behind this animated film?

Some Disney and Pixar movies take place in specific locations for a reason. Coco takes place on Día de Muertos in Mexico. This film takes place in Italy because of its special relationship with the director of Luca.

“This is a deeply personal story for me, not only because it’s set on the Italian Riviera where I grew up, but because at the core of this film is a celebration of friendship,” director Enrico Casarosa said in a statement, according to Variety.  

“Childhood friendships often set the course of who we want to become and it is those bonds that are at the heart of our story in Luca,” he continued. “So in addition to the beauty and charm of the Italian seaside, our film will feature an unforgettable summer adventure that will fundamentally change Luca.”

Disney and Pixar originals like Coco, Toy Story, and Inside Out are already available on Disney+. To learn more about Disney’s streaming platform and to subscribe, visit their website.