During the Disney World Episodes of ‘Full House,’ Fans Learned That Joey Is Deathly Afraid of 1 Animal

It’s the most magical place on earth, complete with fireworks and iconic rides. For the Full House character, Joey Gladstone, this was also the location of his worst fear coming to life. 

Here’s what this member of the Tanner family had to say about one of his biggest fears during the Walt Disney World episode of this series. 

The cast of 'Full House' during the Episode Titled 'The House Meets The Mouse'
‘Full House’ Episode Titled ‘The House Meets The Mouse’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The ‘Full House’ cast flew to Orlando for two episodes of the sitcom

Dreams do come true, even for characters of the series Full House. During the episode titled “The House Meets the Mouse,” Jesse and the Rippers planned to play in front of Cinderella’s castle in Magic Kingdom, bringing along Rebecca for a “second honeymoon” with Uncle Jesse. 

Not soon after, the other members of the Tanner family share that they’ll be coming to Florida, as well. Wake Up, San Francisco was broadcasting re-runs, so Danny took Michelle, Stephanie, and DJ for vacation. Joey Gladstone, as Jesse’s radio partner, shared that they could broadcast live from the theme park. 

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Joey and Jesse did their radio show underwater

During the first half of the episode, the cast members flew to Orlando and split up to enjoy their time in Walt Disney World. Uncle Jesse rehearsed with his band, while Joey visited an old friend in animation. 

For the second half of “The House Meets the Mouse,” however, Joey and Jesse teamed up to broadcast their radio show, The Rush Hour Renegades, live from EPCOT. (Prior to that, they dropped in on Danny and Vicky’s romantic dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant.) 

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Joey shared one of his worst fears in ‘The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)’

Instead of a regular radio show, though, these two did their show from “The Seas” pavilion in, what Jesse called, “the world’s largest bowl of clam chowder.” It was only after their show that Joey noticed they were surrounded by sharks. As a result, he didn’t want to leave. 

“Ever since I was a kid I’ve been afraid of sharks,” Joey told his partner. “I mean some people are afraid of sharks, some people are afraid of the dark, some people are afraid of eggs.”

With Jesse’s mind set on making his date with Rebecca, the two dressed in their gear and went to the surface. Thankfully, they didn’t become shark food in the process. Later during the episode, Joey broadcasted Jesse’s concert live back to San Francisco. This time, he was on land.

Throughout this series, fans learned of a few other characters’ worst fears. For Stephanie, that was her fear of the dentist. For Michelle, that was her fear of the “Norwegian Goat Boy.” For Jesse, that was the fear of having gray hair. 

The Walt Disney World-themed Full House episode titled “The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)” is available for streaming on Hulu.