What Is Dita Von Teese’s Real Hair Color?

Most artists and entertainers change their look somehow. Plastic surgery, coloring hair, and other procedures are common in show business. Many celebrities change up their looks often, setting trends that fans will follow. But other artists have signature looks that never change. One such entertainer is Dita Von Teese. The famous burlesque dancer has a very distinct goth-pinup style, with black hair and dark red lipstick. In 2018, she shocked fans when she revealed her younger self had a very different style. 

Dita Von Teese sitting on a couch in front of a floral curtain
Dita Von Teese | Jake Nowakowski/Getty Images

What is Dita Von Teese’s real hair color?

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According to People, Von Teese posted a #TBT pic of herself with blonde hair and a (slight) tan. Fans were surprised to see the artist’s natural hair is actually blonde. In the pic, which Von Teese claims is from 1991, the dancer is sitting on a couch with her legs curled up next to her. She does look tanner than her usual pale porcelain pallor, but she’s still very fair-skinned. Her blonde hair is piled up on top of her head, in a do that is reminiscent of the pin-up girl style she’s known for now. Von Teese’s friend stands next to her, posing for the camera. 

The caption of the photo reads “#tbt 1991 with my natural hair color, a touch of suntan, probably after a #rave party with my friend Mike Miller who appears to be giving me his best Betty Grable.” Von Teese looks happy in the photo, and has a wide, toothy smile. That’s also different from her current look. Von Teese is most known for a tight lipped, secretive kind of smile nowadays.

At 48, Dita Von Teese is becoming well-versed in ageism

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Von Teese has come a long way from the blonde bombshell in her photo from 1991. She’s carefully cultivated her image and has risen to fame, despite the fact that she’s a stage entertainer. Not a lot of burlesque dancers have name recognition, and there are a few reasons that Von Teese has been able to achieve that status. First and foremost is her brand.

Von Teese has a signature style, a well-known look, and a well-defined brand. But even her fame hasn’t protected her from ageism in the entertainment industry. She wrote a piece for InStyle shortly after her 45th birthday and shared her experiences of ageism. According to Von Teese, “I hate it when people say, ‘You look good for your age.’ It should be, ‘You look good.’ Period. Getting older is a good thing.” 

Dita Von Teese isn’t just Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife

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Von Teese is willing to fight her way through ageism to maintain the throne she’s made for herself. Despite the fact that most fans know she’s Marilyn Manson’s ex-wife, she’s an amazing entertainer in her own right. The classically trained ballet dancer has posed for Playboy, appeared on reality TV shows, and dragged the art of burlesque dancing into the 21st century. She’s amassed a net worth of $16 million. Some of that has come from her various business ventures. 

Manson has seen his name in the news lately because of shocking allegations of abuse by his ex, Evan Rachel Wood. In fact, Manson left Von Teese and began dating Wood, who was more than 15 years his junior. Wood has alleged that Manson physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her for years. Since naming her abuser, Wood has inspired at least four other women to come out with their own allegations against Manson, although Von Teese isn’t one of them. She says her relationship with Manson ended because of infidelity and drug use.