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DJ and Steve’s long term relationship started in high school and now continues for the rest of their lives. That’s right — after years of waiting and a few failed relationships, DJ Tanner and Steve Hale are engaged to be married. In the meantime, here’s a look back at this eldest Tanner sisters’ less-than-worthy boyfriends throughout Full House.

'Full House'
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This character’s time on Full House was super short. Michael appeared on one of the first episodes of this series, giving DJ a bracelet and convincing her that they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Within a matter of hours, though, he changed his mind. The reason he broke up with her? Kathy Santoni is “so pretty.” This was DJ’s first run-in with heartbreak and it wasn’t easy, but Aunt Becky helped her get through it.


Sure, Michael was briefly in DJ’s life, but Kevin was her first real boyfriend. In fact, Kevin was her first real kiss. After an uncomfortable game of spin-the-bottle for DJ’s birthday, she comes to terms with her real feelings for this boy. He wasn’t exactly a winner, though, as he eventually gave into peer pressure to underage drink with the guys. Totally not husband material.

"Claire And Present Danger"
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He’s a bit of a bad boy, but that’s part of the reason why DJ likes him. He’s sensitive but broad and super talented. DJ and Viper actually first met when he auditioned to play guitar for Uncle Jesse’s band. Since then, the two went on a few dates, although their relationship got a little rocky when Nelson entered the picture.

"I've Got A Secret"
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Nelson Burkhard

Remember that episode of Full House where Frankie Valli sang to DJ? Yeah, that was because DJ and Viper broke up. After that, she and Nelson started dating. Although he’s sweet (and not to mention mega-rich,) DJ is torn between him and Viper. She ends up dating neither of them and eventually going out with Steve. 


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On ‘Fuller House,’ DJ dated the veterinarian Matt 

Thanks to the Netflix spinoff, Fuller House, fans learned a little bit more about DJ’s life after the series. DJ married, taking the last name Fuller, and having three boys. Once she became a single mom, DJ found herself dating again, which lead her right into her partner at the vet clinic, Matt Harmon’s arms. 

Still, no one has more history than DJ and Steve. They really grew up together and although they went their separate ways, after high school true love has a way of finding itself time and time again.

It wasn’t a surprise to some viewers that Steve Hale returned for the Netflix spinoff series. On the finale of the first part of Fuller House season 5, this couple finally got engaged after DJ and Steve broke it off with their respective partners.