DMX Starred in ‘Belly’ and All These Other Films

A force on wax and on the screen, DMX had a larger-than-life persona that left an indelible mark in the entertainment world.

When he broke through on the music scene, no one had ever seen anything like him, and there hasn’t been anyone else comparable since. He was one of the artists who had hip-hop on lock during the ’90s and early 2000s, but fans are also remembering him for his acting roles.

Here’s a rundown of the movies DMX played in during his lifetime, including those with Jet Li and Steven Seagal.

DMX with Steven Seagal in 2001
DMX with Steven Seagal at the ‘Exit Wounds’ film premiere, 2001 | Evan Agostini/ImageDirect/Getty Images

Belly (1998)

DMX made his feature film debut in Belly, director Hype Williams’ first movie. He starred as Tommy (aka Buns) alongside Nas’ Sincere in the flick about two hustlers who come to a crossroads about their street lifestyles.

Though it was panned by critics, it’s still considered a hip-hop classic for its opening scene, DMX’s performance, music, and monologues.

‘Romeo Must Die’ (2000)

Romeo Must Die brought together three major stars: DMX, Aaliyah, and Jet Li. It marked the first time DMX and Aaliyah collaborated on the big screen and they also created “Come Back in One Piece” for the soundtrack. As Silk, DMX was a street smart club owner and friend to Aaliyah’s Trish.

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‘Exit Wounds’ (2001)

Steven Seagal tapped DMX to play Latrell in Exit Wounds. In this action drama, his character was a billionaire computer genius pretending to be a drug dealer to clear his brother’s name. The film made nearly $80 million at the global box office and is one of DMX’s most well-known acting projects.

‘Cradle 2 the Grave’ (2003)

DMX and Jet Li reunited in Cradle 2 the Grave where the rapper played Anthony Fait. This one is about a diamond heist that goes left when Fait is jacked for the loot. DMX and Li’s characters team up from opposite sides of the law to recover the diamonds and Fait’s kidnapped daughter.

‘Never Die Alone’ (2004)

This movie was adapted from a Donald Goines book and is about a drug dealer seeking redemption through settling an old debt. DMX plays King David, a lead character and the story’s narrator.

‘Last Hour’ (2008)

DMX, David Carradine, and Michael Madsen starred in Last Hour, a film produced by the rapper. He played Black Jack in the movie about strangers with two things in common: they’re wanted by the cops and wanted dead by someone else.

‘Jump Out Boys’ (2008)

Jump Out Boys was released in 2008 with DMX as a hitman trying to take out someone in the Mexican cartel.

‘The Bleeding’ (2009)

DMX and Michael Madsen worked together again in The Bleeding, a vampire action flick.

‘Pimp’ (2018)

After a hiatus, DMX picked it up as Midnight John in Pimp. His role was a supporting one as Keke Palmer played the lead as a woman pimp who took after her father (played by DMX).

‘Beyond the Law’ (2019)

Back at it with Steven Seagal, DMX played Detective Ray Munce in this crime drama about revenge and the mob.

‘Fast and Fierce: Death Race’ (2020)

A film that’s been described as Death Race meets Fast and Furious, Fast and Fierce: Death Race followed one brother looking to clear his brother’s debt with the villainous Davie — played by DMX.

‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’ (2020)

The last film released before his death, Chronicle of a Serial Killer had DMX as Detective White, one member of a team that’s trying to capture a serial killer. It’s now streaming on Amazon.