DMX Wants Jay-Z to Face Off Against Him in Instagram Music Battle

A trend started with the inaugural “Verzuz” music challenges that pits two artists in a virtual Instagram Live ring for a friendly back-and-forth with their hits.

It’s less of a battle and more of celebration, but the popularity of the event has spawned discussions about who should be squaring up in these one-on-one sessions. Some names aren’t in the running, and others—such as Ray J—have been shut down by fans.

But there are artists who have the catalogs to step into the arena and a fan base who would show up. The latest to toss his own hat into the ring is Yonkers-bred rapper DMX, and he wants Jay-Z to get at him (pun intended).

DMX | Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

DMX named Jay-Z for his hip-hop match

As mentioned, people are having spirited talks about which artists they’d like to see next for the Verzuz series. When DMX was a guest on NORE’s hot podcast, Drink Champs, he was asked who he would face off with, and his answer was Jay-Z.

As DJ EFN said, it would be epic for hip-hop culture. Both of their debut albums dropped in the late ’90s, and it just so happens that Verzuz co-creator Swizz Beatz has produced songs for both of them too.

DMX and Jay-Z have a history

DMX said it would be battle number three for them, and for those out of the loop, the two rappers have a history of duking it out with freestyles. Would you like to hear the story of how it all got started way back when?

DMX was a known battle rapper in his early days, and it’s a mantle he still carries. Back in the ‘90s, the two met up in the Bronx (some say Harlem) for what became a legendary battle.

Damon Dash says it went on for hours and though it was a gentleman’s game, Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti implied that DMX never liked Jay-Z.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2016, DMX said he was over his anger toward his rap frenemy, Jay-Z. As it stands, people still argue over who won that battle.

Another one happened during Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life Tour in 1999, but it was still a friendly backstage contest. You can find footage on YouTube. It wasn’t all bad blood, as the two rap legends have even collaborated on a few tracks over the years.

Fans think DMX is a formidable ‘opponent’ for Jay-Z

While the likelihood of Jay-Z returning to the scene in an intimate internet format like Verzuz low, fans can still hope. Many believe DMX is one of the only rappers in the game today who can rock at the same table as Hov. On Instagram, comments were rolling in.

One person wrote, “DMX got hits and street anthems. Let’s not forget.” Another said, “I already knew who X was gonna pick. That was and still is his peer.”

And one noted, “Everyone forgot that DMX beat Jay in a rap battle.” Ultimately, people agree that this would be epic and fun for hip-hop fans to watch. But don’t count on it happening.