Do Anne And Gilbert Get Together On ‘Anne With An E’?

Anne with an E, CBC and Netflix’s take on the beloved book series Anne of Green Gables, is adored by many fans. While the show may not follow the books as closely as some would like, Anne with an E does give a contemporary take on the classic story. One aspect at the forefront of many fans’ minds is the relationship between Anne Shirley Cuthbert and Gilbert Blythe, a classmate and friend — perhaps more? — of hers. Anne and Gilbert’s relationship is a good one, so it’s easy to understand why fans care so much about the two characters.

Though both characters are currently a bit young to be thinking of relationships, that won’t stop fans from enjoying and supporting the characters as a pair. So…are they together? Well, as far as Anne with an E is concerned, Anne and Gilbert’s relationship is still developing.

How did Anne and Gilbert’s relationship on ‘Anne with an E’ start out?

Amybeth McNulty at the CBC Anne with an E premiere
Amybeth McNulty | GP Images/Getty Images

It definitely wasn’t love at first sight. At least not for Anne. Though their first meeting was relatively pleasant, considering the circumstances. At the time of their meeting, Anne was being bullied by another boy. 

Gilbert then came up and distracted her bully, talked to him and reminded him that they had to get to school. The bully then backed off.  Anne, probably embarrassed, walked away from Gilbert and Gilbert went after her. They then walked into the school together.

Anne isn’t too fond of Gilbert at first

Anne already doesn’t fit in with the other girls in her class. So when she’s told by some of them of a girl named Ruby’s preexisting crush on Gilbert, she promises never to talk to him. And she does her best to ignore him. 

Gilbert, however, doesn’t understand what’s going on with Anne. He tries to pass her a note in class, which she also ignores. Then he kneels down next to her and pulls her hair to get her attention. Unfortunately for Gilbert, he makes the mistake of teasing her about her red hair, something Anne is very insecure about. 

Anne then hits him with her slate and says angrily, “I’m not talking to you!” to which Gilbert replies, “You just did.” Despite this tumultuous start, Anne and Gilbert’s relationship in Anne with an E does eventually grow into a more friendly one. They become so friendly, in fact, that during season 2, when Gilbert is away at sea, the two of them exchange letters.

Where is Anne and Gilbert’s relationship going?

In an interview with TV Insider, actress Amybeth McNulty, who portrays Anne in Anne with an E, discusses the relationship between the two characters. According to her, Anne is “still a kid” and doesn’t fully understand what’s going on between her and Gilbert. Gilbert, who is a little older than Anne, according to McNulty, “understands, perhaps, his emotions a little more than Anne might.” Anne does not view Gilbert as a romantic relationship, though according to the actress, “There’s definitely something there for her that she can’t quite explain yet, and there’s definitely something kind of twinging in her heart.”

Sounds like love! Or at least something close to it. There’s no way of knowing for sure what the future holds for Anne and Gilbert, but there is one thing that’s certain: fans will be waiting on the edge of their seats to see how this relationship develops.