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How often is it you find siblings who grew up being best friends?

Well, Ariana Grande and her older brother Frankie happened to be conjoined at the hip and consider each other best friends more than siblings.

Ariana Grande
Frankie and Ariana Grande | Instagram

Ariana and Frankie Grande happen to have an amazing relationship and though they both have their own careers to focus on, nothing can come between them and their love for each other.

They’re 10 years apart

Frankie Grande spent the first few years of his life as the only child. Growing up with his mother, Joan Grande, Frankie always wanted a younger sibling who would be his best friend.

Soon after Grande and his mother moved to Boca Raton, Florida, his wish of having a younger sibling finally came true.

Ariana Grande was born on June 26, 1993, and Frankie finally had a younger sibling.

Though Ariana and Frankie are 10 years apart and only half-siblings, they still grew up having a close relationship.

Frankie and Ariana Grande even shared the dream of growing up and being famous. Though Frankie wanted to be an actor and Ariana a singer, the two siblings helped each other establish their careers.

Frankie asks Ariana for relationship advice

Frankie Grande does not hold back when it comes time to gush about his baby sister.

While attending the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on March 23, Frankie Grande shared just how close he is with Ariana Grande.

“We’re talking 24/7. I was talking to her on my way in and I’ll probably talk to her as soon as I pick my phone back up. You know, we’re very, very close.”

Even though Ariana Grande is currently touring the country for her Sweetener Tour and Frankie Grande is furthering his acting career, they always make time to talk to each other multiple times a day.

“We’re on FaceTime for, like, an hour a day,” he said. “I don’t know where we find the time, but we just do it.”

Frankie Grande also revealed that Ariana is the first person he goes to about relationship advice.

The Big Brother alum just recently ended his relationship with a married couple and his sister was one of the first people who were there to comfort him.

The actor has revealed that he “absolutely” counts on Ariana Grande’s relationship advice and is the very first person he talks to about it.

They always support each other

Since they were young, Ariana and Frankie have been each other’s biggest supporters.

From the time Ariana Grande got her acting big break on Victorious to now, Frankie has always been front and center to cheer on his younger sister.

Come on, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen Frankie front row at every award show cheering on Ariana louder than everyone else in the audience.

Frankie is also the first one there for his sister whenever she is going through a hard time.

Right after news broke of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson calling off their engagement, Frankie Grande immediately took to his Instagram Story to show his sister some much needed love.

“Good morning to my beautiful, beautiful sister,” he said on his Instagram Story on Monday, October 15, while on vacation. “I love you so much and you’re with me right now in Iceland.”

Grande then began singing the words of his sister’s hit song “Breathin” before giving her some words of advice. “You gotta keep, keep on breathing,” he stated. “That’s true.”

Ariana Grande returns the favor and stands by her brother in everything he does.

In February 2019, the singer took to Twitter to congratulate Frankie on his sobriety and show how proud she was of him.

“man, i love u @FrankieJGrande. happy. twenty. months,” Grande wrote on Twitter. “been staring at this drafting n deleting bc everything i write makes me cry. jus know i think you’re a superhero and u make me v proud. everyone knows how hard this is and how strong you’ve been. congratulations and thank god.”

Frankie Grande replied back to his sister by thanking her for her constant support during such a difficult time.

As everyone can see, Frankie and Ariana Grande are much more than siblings. They are best friends who are there for each other every step of the way.