Do Kendall and Kylie Talk to Their Half-Brother Burt Jenner?

When people think about Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s siblings, the ones that come to mind are generally the famous sisters on Keeping Up with the Kardashians — and maybe Rob. But their mom’s kids aren’t the only siblings that Kylie and Kendall have. Their dad, Caitlyn Jenner, was married twice before she wed Kris, and she has two kids from each of those marriages. One of those kids is Burt Jenner.

Who is Burt Jenner?

According to The Sun, the oldest of Caitlyn’s kids, Burt was born in 1978, when his dad was married to his mom, Chrystie Crownover. The couple also had a daughter, Cassandra. Burt was only three when his parents divorced. 

Burt is now a father himself. He has two young sons with his girlfriend, Valerie Pitalo. Their youngest son, William, is just over a year old and is thought to be named after Burt’s dad. William was apparently Caitlyn’s legal name at birth, although she went by Bruce before transitioning. 

Burt is a professional truck and race car driver, an interest that Caitlyn introduced him to when she took him to watch kart racing when he was eight years old. He also owns a doggy daycare center in Los Angeles.

How is his relationship with Caitlyn Jenner?

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Given that Burt’s livelihood is based on something Caitlyn introduced him to, and that he named his son after her, you might suspect that their relationship is pretty close. That seems to be the case. Burt, like all his siblings from before Caitlyn’s marriage to Kris, is no fan of the Kar-Jenner matriarch. He also has no interest in the Kardashian business, but he has stayed close to Caitlyn. 

The two still share a love of racing, and Burt has been very supportive of his dad’s gender transition. He calls Caitlyn “the strongest person I know.” In fact, his unwavering support of Caitlyn may be one of the reasons his relationship with Kendall and Kylie is a little shaky. 

Does he talk to Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

Burt hasn’t had the dramatic public conflict with Caitlyn and Kris’ kids that his other siblings have. And yet, he doesn’t seem to be close to his half-sisters, Kendall and Kylie. In the past, he’s taken to social media to wish them a happy birthday, or to congratulate them on their achievements. But despite this, he does have a bone to pick with them — and their mother. 

Caitlyn did an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2015, sharing about her journey with transitioning. The show was very emotional for Caitlyn as she shared her struggle with being transgender and keeping her true identity a secret, especially when she was on KUWTK. After the show aired, many of the Kar-Jenners made public statements of love and support. And that didn’t sit right with Burt. 

Burt felt that his half-sisters and Kris had never been supportive before when Caitlyn was really struggling. He tweeted, “Having a hard time not putting a few people on blast who were not supporters beforehand, but want to act like they were all along.”

Although he later deleted the tweet, it’s clear that there’s more keeping the siblings apart than just their age differences. But since it appears that Burt is pretty happy with his life and completely uninterested in the world of the Kar-Jenners, it doesn’t seem as though that’s a very big loss to him. Kendall and Kylie don’t have very much to say about Burt or any of their other half-siblings on their dad’s side of the family, so it doesn’t seem that viewers should look for Burt or any of the other siblings in the Christmas card pictures any time soon.