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Patrick Mahomes is building quite the career for himself as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Drafted by the Chiefs in 2017, Mahomes took over the quarterback position last year, going on to win the NFL’s MVP award. With Mahomes steadily rising in popularity, some fans have started to ask questions about his long-time girlfriend, Brittany Matthews. Here’s a quick look at Mahomes’ relationship with Matthews, including whether or not they have children.

Patrick Mahomes Brittany Matthews children
Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes | Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images

Inside Mahomes’ rise with the Chiefs

As a rookie entering the NFL Mahomes signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Chiefs in 2017. He and Matthews subsequently moved to Kansas City and have lived there ever since.

While Patrick Mahomes dazzled fans with an appearance in a game in the 2017 season, his career really took off last year, when he lead the franchise to their first playoff win in decades.

The Chiefs star is on his way towards another successful run this year and many fans are hoping for a Super Bowl appearance before too long.

Mahomes’ stock in the NFL has never been higher, but he still manages to stay humble in his personal life. This is especially true when it comes to his long-time girlfriend, Matthews, who has stuck by his side through all of the many changes in his life.

Do Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have children?

Matthews first met Mahomes when they were in high school and they quickly bonded over their love for sports. While Mahomes got a scholarship to play football at Texas Tech University, Matthews joined the soccer team for the University of Texas.

Matthews finished her degree and is now a personal trainer in Kansas City. Although they have been together for a long time, Mahomes and Matthews have yet to officially tie the knot.

According to Just Richest, the couple also does not share any children, though fans are hopeful that will change in the near future.

Instead, Patrick Mahomes is concentrating on his football career and raising his two adorable pups at home, Silver and Steel.  There is no telling if Mahomes will reach his goals in the NFL, but fans can rest assured knowing that Matthews will always be there for him.

Matthews helps Mahomes deal with injury

While Mahomes’ season got off to a great start, he was sidelined a few weeks in with a nasty knee injury.

The Chiefs star took a hard tumble while playing against the Denver Broncos, and many fans feared that he had suffered a season-ending injury. But after an MRI, it was revealed that Patrick Mahomes had dislocated his knee and would be back in a few weeks.

After getting the results, Matthews took to social media to share the good news with fans and express her ongoing support for Mahomes.

“Thanks guys…Was not how I expected today to go, just jumped right on a flight to be home when my boy gets there!” Brittany Matthews shared. “Such a blessing! He’s strong.”

Mahomes later shared some photos with his two adorable dogs, both of whom helped him deal with the minor setback.

The Chiefs quarterback has since returned to action and the time off actually allowed him to get over a nagging ankle injury as well.

Meet Steel and Silver Mahomes

Mahomes might not have any children of his own, but he certainly considers his two dogs family. Mahomes and Matthews frequently post photos of their two pit bulls on social media, one of whom he adopted earlier this year. Matthews also updates Steel and Silver’s personal Instagram almost daily.

Before the start of the playoffs last season, Patrick Mahomes revealed that he and Matthews were adding another pit bull to their pack. The quarterback shared a photo of the newest addition to the family, Silver, and revealed that they had the puppy well trained before bringing it home.

“It was a joint decision,” Mahomes shared. “She definitely wanted it. I was trying to wait until the offseason, but she wanted to get it up here quickly.”

Prior to having dogs of his own, Mahomes was actually scared of them throughout his childhood. He only recently got over his fear of dogs, which is definitely good news for all of the fans who follow his pets on Instagram.

Patrick Mahomes has not commented on the reports surrounding his desire to have children. He and Matthews also have not said anything about an engagement, though fans are definitely hoping that it will happen sooner rather than later.

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