‘Doctor Who’: How Fans Really Feel About The Big Reveal In Spyfall

Doctor Who recently revealed the return of an old foe of the Doctor’s. Fans, understandably, have a lot of feelings about said reveal and the return of an older villain. In Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part One,” this villain is revealed to have been behind the whole evil plot of the episode.

Explore fan reactions to this revelation, ahead. Warning: there are definitely spoilers for Doctor Who: “Spyfall: Part One.” So if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now.

Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker, and Mandip Gill of Doctor Who: Spyfall.
Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill at a Doctor Who screening and panel | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Who is revealed in ‘Doctor Who’: ‘Spyfall: Part One’?

As is mentioned above, an old foe of the Doctor’s came back in Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part One.” This villain is the Master. Yes, that’s right, the Master is back.

The Master is a villain that dates back to the Classic era of the show. Like the Doctor, the Master is a Time Lord. The last two incarnations of the Master, portrayed by John Simm and Michelle Gomez, are seen in “The Doctor Falls.” Missy, Michelle Gomez’s version of the Master, even seems to turn good.

Yet now the Master is back and he certainly doesn’t seem good. Portrayed by Sacha Dhawan, the Master is revealed to be behind the latest alien invasion portrayed in Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part One.” He also tells the Doctor that “Everything [she thinks she knows] is a lie.” In addition to these ominous words, Dhawan’s Master leaves the Doctor and her companions to die on a crashing plane.

How did fans react to The Master’s return?

One fan on Twitter says “never have I loved a Master this much after just one episode.” Dhawan, this fan says, “nailed that final scene of ‘Spyfall: Part One.'” Another fan says that “Spyfall: Part One” is “the best Doctor Who episode in years.” This fan goes on to say that “The Master reveal is fantastic.”

Another fan adds that they “still can’t get over how good Doctor Who was.” This fan mentions “the mystery, the action, the intense scenes and on top of all that the Master.” This fan’s “mind is still blown.” A Twitter user wants people to “please appreciate Sacha Dhawan’s acting in [Doctor Who‘s] Spyfall: Part One.”

How else do fans feel about the big reveal?

Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part One” seems to largely have positive reactions from fans. Another says that “Sacha Dhawan looks like he’s going to be a great Master.” A Twitter user adds “one of the most impressive things about ‘Spyfall’ was that no one expected the Master.” Another fan says “Sacha Dhawan’s manic interpretation of the Master shows promise.”

A Twitter user says that “the reveal of the new Master was brilliant.” Another adds “the Master’s reveal and cliffhanger [were] a pure joy!” Another fan says “The Master reveal was nothing short of genius.” So far so good.

It seems that fans are excited to see the Doctor’s old foe again. They seem to appreciate the way he was revealed. Doctor Who‘s Spyfall seems to be pleasing fans. And that’s great, especially given how controversial the last season of the show was.

The Master seems to be a fan-favorite character, despite being a villain. So bringing him back is a good move on the writers’ parts.