‘Doctor Who’: Questions We Have About ‘Orphan 55’

Doctor Who continues to excite sci-fi fans. Season 12 Episode 3 of the show, “Orphan 55” left us with some questions to ponder. Considering these questions might give us a clue about where Doctor Who is going.

It’s time for a spoiler warning. If you have not seen season 12 episode 3 of Doctor Who, “Orphan 55”, stop reading now. If you have seen the episode or don’t mind spoilers, keep reading and explore these questions with us.

Will Ryan Sinclair ever see Bella again after Doctor Who’s ‘Orphan 55’?

While recovering from a disease caught from a vending machine, Ryan Sinclair meets a mysterious young woman named Bella. The two young people get to talking and eventually flirting. It turns out Bella is behind the very virus that Ryan got and plans on blowing up the spa, hoping to hurt her absent mother Kane. Though Bella eventually abandons this plan, and her bombs come in handy when trying to defeat the monstrous Dregs, it is a bit of a blow to Ryan that the girl he likes has such intense problems.

Bella does end up redeeming herself, as she and her mother Kane fight off the Dregs while Ryan returns to the TARDIS with the Doctor, Graham, and Yaz. Ryan is then very worried about her, wanting to know if she’ll be alright. They also share a kiss before he leaves. This kiss makes us wonder: will Bella come back?

Will she possibly be a recurring guest star? Or is she just going to be a one-time love interest for Ryan? Things could go either way. Though Bella and her mother seem to be in a dire situation, they might just get out of it.

Anything is possible in Doctor Who.

Will Ryan, Graham, and Yaz get angry at the Thirteenth Doctor?

As Metro.co.uk suggests, something is not right in the TARDIS. During “Spyfall,” the Thirteenth Doctor spent a lot of time away from her friends. They wanted an explanation of who exactly this woman they’ve been traveling with is. After hearing about her home planet of Gallifrey, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz seem satisfied.

Though Yaz does ask if they can go to Gallifrey, at which point the Doctor quickly changes the subject. In Doctor Who’s “Orphan 55”, there’s a similar issue with Yaz wondering when the Doctor realized they were on Earth the whole time and why she didn’t tell her friends right away. Everything seems alright for now, but things could quickly change for the TARDIS team. This makes us wonder: will Ryan, Graham, and Yaz start to question the Doctor, will they get angry at her?

Will they be able to trust her in the end or will there be problems? It could go either way. The Doctor isn’t always good at confronting their problems, preferring to focus on the problems of others. Then again, the Thirteenth Doctor is a brand new incarnation who doesn’t — or at least didn’t, pre-new destruction of Gallifrey —have the same hang-ups as past versions of the Doctor.

Only time will truly tell.

Will the Thirteenth Doctor tell her friends what’s wrong?

Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, and Jodie Whittaker of 'Doctor Who': 'Orphan 55'
Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill and Jodie Whittaker discussing Doctor Who season 12 | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

After the many bombshells dropped in “Spyfall,” the Thirteenth Doctor seems very upset. Her friends notice her drop in mood and try to talk to her in “Orphan 55.” However, the Doctor insists that she’s fine.

Will the Doctor tell her friends what happened with the Master, and the mystery of the Timeless Child? It’s hard to know. As is mentioned above, the Doctor isn’t always good at dealing with their issues. Yet the Thirteenth Doctor is definitely very empathetic and might understand why her friends want more information.