‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 6 Recap: Strange Behavior

Doctor Who continues to delight sci-fi fans. Season 12 Episode 6, “Praxeus” has the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends trying to figure out the link between strange deaths in different parts of the world. They also find a missing astronaut who is somehow linked to what is going on.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead for Doctor Who season 12 episode 6, “Praxeus”. So for those of you who don’t want to know what happened, stop reading now. If you’ve already seen the episode, or want to know what happened anyway, keep reading!

Missing people and strange patterns in ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 episode 6

Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker, and Mandip Gill of Doctor Who season 12 episode 6
Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill at a Doctor Who Screening & Panel |Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Season 12 Episode 6 of Doctor Who, “Praxeus” starts with an astronaut calling mission control to say that he’s gotten off course. The story then moves to a police officer on a break named Jake and travel vloggers Gabriela and Jamila. Jake is watching the news in a bar when they mention the missing astronaut, Adam. Meanwhile, Gabriela and Jamila find a place to stay for the night, though Jamila goes missing.

When Gabriela wakes up to find her fellow vlogger gone, she blames Ryan Sinclair who is the only person around. Of course, it’s not him. He just happens to be there investigating what’s going on with the birds in the area for the Doctor. There are markings on one of the birds and Ryan puts it in his bag to show the Doctor later.

Gabriela’s phone buzzes and Ryan asks if it’s the missing Jamila. It isn’t, but someone has informed her that there was an emergency call-out that morning and it happened about a mile away from where they are now. Meanwhile, Jake has run into Yasmin Khan and Graham O’Brien who are investigating a strange energy pattern coming from a building. The Doctor is on her own trying to get a man out of the ocean but quickly receives help from two scientists Suki and Aramu.

Disintegrating people in ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 episode 6

While the Doctor, Suki, and Aramu watch as the man they’re trying to help disintegrates in front of them, Ryan and Gabriela find Jamila. Unfortunately, she has strange markings on her face like the birds and she disintegrates as well. Meanwhile, Yasmin, Graham, and Jake find the missing astronaut Adam. The companions all reunite with the Doctor, who takes Gabriela, Jake, and Adam on board the TARDIS as well.

Yasmin tells the Doctor that she wants to stay behind and figure out what happened to Adam and how he is connected to the other events. Eventually, the Doctor agrees but promises to come back for her friend in an hour. Gabriela stays with Yasmin and the two of them start to investigate together. Meanwhile, the Doctor gets a call from Suki and Aramu, who tell her that something unusual is going on.

There are birds there that are not native to the area and they’re acting strangely. The Doctor wishes she could examine one of the birds, and so Ryan tells her about the dead bird in his backpack. Once everyone is inside Suki and Aramu’s lab, they all start trying to figure out what’s wrong with Adam.

Alien diseases in ‘Doctor Who’

The Doctor downloads information onto Suki’s laptop about Adam’s condition and she finds out that there’s an alien pathogen in his system. Ryan examines the bird and sees that there’s plastic on the inside, which leads the Doctor to figure out that the alien pathogen is attaching itself to plastic. This includes microplastics that humans take in from food and water. The Doctor notices that the dead bird is decomposing naturally and decides to use the bird’s enzymes to try to cure Adam.

The Doctor then contacts Yasmin, who believes that she is on an alien planet and tells her friend that the lab where they found Adam is sending data to the Indian Ocean and to Madagascar, where the Doctor is currently. They then find out that the alien infection is called Praxeus, just before Suki teleports away. Adam volunteers to test out the cure for Praxeus and the Doctor gives it to him. They then go to get Yasmin and Gabriela and find out that they’re under the Indian Ocean.

Saving the world in ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 episode 6

Doctor Who season 12 episode 6 continues with the Doctor finding Suki again and finding out that she’s from another planet, a planet that was taken over by the disease. The Doctor says she’ll help but Suki succumbs to Praxeus before she can do anything. The good news is that the cure works on Adam. So everyone starts working on a way to send Praxeus around the world using Suki’s ship.

They succeed with some help from Jake, who drives the spaceship when the autopilot fails and is then saved by the Doctor in her TARDIS. The Doctor and her companions then leave Adam, Jake, and Gabriela on Earth and tell them to take care of the planet.