‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 7 Recap: Facing Your Greatest Fears

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 7 continues to excite sci-fi fans. The episode, titled “Can You Hear Me?,” has the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends dealing with a terrifying problem. Because of this problem, they are forced to confront their worst fears. 

Strange creatures and strange people in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 7

Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker, and Mandip Gill of Doctor Who season 12 episode 7
Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill at a Doctor Who Screening & Panel | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The episode starts in 14th century Syria, following a young woman who is warning people that someone or something will be coming when she goes to sleep. Unfortunately, no one takes her warnings seriously and they all end up being taken by these werewolf-like creatures. Meanwhile, the Doctor is dropping her companions back home in Sheffield and they promise to meet up the next day at lunchtime. There are some concerns about how the Doctor will cope on her own, but she insists she’s fine.

Once they’re back in Sheffield, the companions split up. Yasmin Khan goes to spend time with her sister, Ryan Sinclair goes to his friend’s house, and Graham O’Brien has a poker game with some friends. Meanwhile, the Doctor goes to investigate what’s going on in Syria in the 14th century and meets the young woman, named Tahira. Ryan’s friend tells him that he’s been having strange dreams, and that’s not the scariest thing.

He’s been seeing a man in his dreams and then seeing him in the street and in his room. He’s worried that Ryan will laugh but Ryan believes him and he asks Ryan to stay over. While Ryan’s there, he sees the strange man that his friend spoke of in his friend’s room. Ryan confronts the man and the man disappears along with Ryan’s friend, whose name is Tibo. 

Nonexistent creatures and spaceships in ‘Doctor Who’

While her friends are dealing with their own issues, the Doctor is trying to help Tahira. She finds out that Tahira is the only one left after the creatures took everyone else. The Doctor then gets a call from Ryan, who tells her about his missing friend. She then hears from Yasmin, who is talking about a strange person in her house.

Finally, Graham calls to talk about strange visions of planets that are in his head. The Doctor goes to pick up her friends, bringing Tahira along for the ride. Before leaving 14th century Syria, the Doctor picks up a couple of strands of fur from one of the creatures that it left behind. She examines it with the technology in the TARDIS except there’s one problem.

According to the TARDIS, the creature that produced the fur doesn’t exist. Ryan tells the Doctor about the strange man in his friend Tibo’s room, how his fingers detached from his hand and went into Tibo’s ear. Ryan describes the man as bald and with a tattooed head. Yasmin realizes that it is the same guy who was in her house. 

Graham describes how a woman trapped inside something tried to contact him and then he saw the planets. The Doctor uses the TARDIS’ telepathic circuits to locate the planets. The Doctor, her companions, and Tahira end up on a spaceship. 

Facing fears and saving the world in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 7

On the spaceship, someone is monitoring two planets that should be colliding but aren’t. There’s something in between them stopping the collision from happening. It’s an orb that is a prison for the woman that Graham saw in his visions. The Doctor works on freeing the woman while her friends go and look for Tahira, who has gone missing. 

With her, they find the man who took Ryan’s friend Tibo and sneaked into Yasmin’s home. They confront him but he puts them to sleep and gives them nightmares. The strange man then goes to talk to the Doctor. He introduces himself as Zellin and the Doctor releases the woman in the orb, using Zellin’s technology against him. 

The problem is that it’s not his technology and the trapped woman is actually his partner. They trap the Doctor, giving her nightmares as well, and head to Earth to feed on the nightmares of humans. The Doctor manages to escape and free Tahira and her friends and everyone else that Zellin had taken. They then work together to trap Zellin and his partner in the orb with the werewolf-like creature from Tahira’s nightmares. 

Ryan’s friend Tibo is one of the ones who they save from Zellin and he can’t believe that Ryan is traveling through time and space. He wants Ryan to come back soon because he misses his friend. Ryan starts wondering how long he, Graham, and Yasmin will travel with the Doctor and what they’re missing out on by doing so.