‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 9 Recap: Surprising Discoveries

Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 9 continues to excite sci-fi fans. As the Thirteenth Doctor and her friends Ryan Sinclair, Graham O’Brien, and Yasmin Khan try to fix the problem caused at the end of the last episode, they are faced with some new issues to tackle. However, the Doctor and her friends aren’t the only ones encountering some surprises.

[Spoiler alert: The following contains major spoilers for Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 9.]

A surprising discovery and getting ready to fight the Cybermen in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 9

Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker, and Mandip Gill of Doctor Who season 12 episode 9
Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill at a Doctor Who Screening & Panel | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

The episode starts with the lone Cyberman from the last episode, Ashad, talking about the fall of the Cybermen. Then the story moves to a man finding a baby in a basket on the road. The man and his wife decide to raise the boy until his parents can be found. The child’s parents are not found, and so the man and his wife choose to adopt him and name him Brendan.

After watching Brendan grow up a bit, the story moves to the Doctor, Ryan, Graham, and Yasmin. They have just arrived close to where Percy Shelley’s coordinates brought them. The Doctor tells her friends that they’re in the future, during the aftermath of a war between people and Cybermen. The human race was almost wiped out, but so were the Cybermen.

Unfortunately, the Cybermen were not entirely destroyed. The Doctor and her companions introduce themselves to the remaining people and start getting ready to fight the Cybermen. They bring with them a neural inhibitor to make the Cybermen feel emotions and pain again, a particle projector to project gold — which the Cybermen are allergic to — into the air, and a force field to kill any Cyberman that comes near it.

A separation in ‘Doctor Who’

The Doctor tells the human survivors to stay inside their buildings and let her and her friends face the Cybermen. The Cybermen then send drones, which are made of the heads of Cybermen, and take out the Doctor’s defenses. While the fight is going on, one of the humans, named Fuskle, runs out of the building and ends up dying. The remaining humans, including Fuskle’s older brother Yedlarmi, are understandably upset and want to fight the Cybermen.

However, the Doctor tells them to get on their ship and get out, she’ll buy them some time. Her companions point out that their defenses were destroyed and that they don’t have anything left to defend themselves or the remaining humans. The Doctor then tells them to head to safety with the other humans, to let her face the Cybermen alone. Though they’re reluctant to leave her, the companions do eventually head to the humans’ ship.

Unfortunately, the companions end up getting separated in the process of fleeing to safety. Graham and Yasmin make it to the ship but Ryan is left behind.

A stolen ship and a return to former glory in ‘Doctor Who’ Season 12 Episode 9

Once on the ship with the other people, Graham and Yasmin realize that Ryan isn’t there. They want to go back for him but it’s too late, the ship is about to take off. The Doctor finds Ryan as she prepares to confront the Cybermen with some kind of bomb. She throws the bomb and runs away with Ryan and one of the other remaining humans, Ethan.

They steal the Cybermen’s ship and leave. Meanwhile, Graham and Yasmin are on the ship with the other humans and things are malfunctioning. They’re heading to somewhere called Ko Sharmus, and a mysterious boundary. Ashad, the Cyberman who haunted the Villa Diodati last episode, contacts the Doctor and tells her that he will return the Cybermen to their former glory.

A mysterious man, a boundary, and an awakening in ‘Doctor Who’

Brendan, the adopted boy from the beginning of the story, is now a police officer who is confronting a thief. He is shot and pushed off a cliff but he survives, unharmed. Meanwhile, Graham and Yasmin are trying to encourage their fellow people to try to propel themselves towards an empty spaceship. They get there and the ship starts working again.

The Doctor then signals Ko Sharmus, which turns out to be a person, not a place. While the Doctor is doing that, Graham goes with one of the other people to explore the ship they’re on, where they end up finding dormant Cybermen. The Doctor, Ryan, and Ethan are taken to the boundary by Ko Sharmus and they see Gallifrey, the Doctor’s home planet, and the Master arrives. Meanwhile, Ashad boards the other stolen Cyberman ship and awakens the dormant Cybermen.

The story then moves to Brendan again, who is old now and is retiring from the police force. Except two men take him into the back office and put some machinery on his head, saying that he won’t remember his service.