‘Doctor Who’ Spyfall Part One Recap: New Villains and A Big Reveal

Doctor Who is back again! The show started off the new year with a new episode. Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall Part One” reintroduced fans to the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions while introducing new villains.

Spoiler warning time: there are absolutely spoilers for Doctor Who: “Spyfall Part One” ahead. So if you don’t want to know what happens in the episode, please stop reading now. If you’ve already seen it or would like to know anyway, keep reading.

Jodie Whittaker of 'Doctor Who': Spyfall Part One
Jodie Whittaker at the Doctor Who panel during New York Comic Con 2018 | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

Checking in with “the fam” and finding out the problem Earth is dealing with in ‘Doctor Who’ “Spyfall Part One”

Doctor Who: “Spyfall: Part One” starts off checking in with each of the companions, or the “fam” as The Doctor calls them. Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh) is at the doctor and is apparently doing just fine, at least as far as his health is concerned. Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) is playing basketball with his friends. Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) is spending time with her family and taking some time off of her job as a police officer.

Graham, Ryan, and Yasmin are all picked up by men wearing dark suits in a black car. The Doctor herself, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker, is then picked up and is seen working on her TARDIS and calling her friends to see where they are. She finds out that they’re in the car and gets in herself. The Doctor and her companions are then in trouble as someone else or something else takes control of the car and vaporizes the driver.

They are eventually able to gain control over the car and talk to an MI6 agent who says that he wanted them to come to the intelligence agency’s headquarters. When they get there, they are greeted by an agent named C, portrayed by Stephen Fry. He explains that aliens made of light have been targeting spies all over the world. The Doctor soon finds out that the aliens have rewritten the spies’ DNA and changed them from human to something else, though they still appear the same.

An investigation and a companion disappears

In Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part One”, The Doctor and her companions split into different teams to investigate the issue. After getting leads from C at MI6, Ryan and Yasmin head to San Francisco to meet the head of technology company Vor, Daniel Barton (Lenny Henry). They find out that he is working with the aliens and after scanning him with a device provided by the Doctor, that he is only 93% human.

While Ryan and Yasmin are investigating Daniel Barton, The Doctor and Graham go to Australia to meet with O (Sacha Dhawan). O is a former MI6 agent that The Doctor somewhat knows. Together, they manage to trap one of the aliens and interrogate it, though they don’t find out a lot. Meanwhile, Ryan and Yasmin snoop around in Barton’s office and Yasmin gets taken by one of the aliens, transported to a creepy forest made of wires and somehow winds up in Australia with The Doctor and Graham.

The investigation continues and a big reveal

Once the Doctor and her companions are reunited, they find out that there are alien spies all around the world that Barton is working with. What they don’t know is who is running the show, the aliens or Daniel Barton. To find out, they, along with O, go to Barton’s birthday party. The Doctor confronts Barton and he then leaves his own party, getting on one of his planes.

The Doctor, her companions, and O chase after Barton on his motorcycles and get on the plane after him. This is when the big reveal happens. It turns out that O isn’t who he appears to be and is really the Master, one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies. There’s a bomb on the crashing plane, Daniel Barton is not there at all, and the Doctor is transported to the same wire forest that Yasmin was earlier on in the episode.

But not before the newly-revealed Master leaves the Doctor with some parting words. “Everything that you think you know is a lie,” he tells her. And fans are left wondering what that could mean.