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[Editor’s Note: This article was originally published April 6, 2020.]

B2K made fans dreams come true when they reunited for the first time in 15 years for a nationwide tour. After Omarion’s successful solo career, it did not appear that the group would ever do another project together, but their Millennium Tour went on to be hugely successful. The Zeus Network announced released a trailer of an upcoming documentary that chronicles the group’s reunion. 

B2K via Twitter

The Zeus Network to air B2K’s ‘The Millennium Tour Live’ documentary

Zeus subscribers received an email announcing a documentary chronicling B2K and their successful tour on Apr. 6. The two-minute trailer shows the group in rehearsals, on stage, interacting with fans at meet and greets, and on their press tour to promote the show.

“A lot of people wanted us to come on one accord,” Omarion is heard saying in the trailer. “But divine timing has really helped set this up.”

Source: YouTube

The Millennium Tour was B2K’s first time performing together since their 2004 breakup. The group had not been in consistent contact over the years as they embarked on solo careers. Omarion revealed in an interview that the group only had three weeks of rehearsals before the tour began.

The group performed in 44 cities in the U.S. to sold-out crowds at almost every stop. The Millennium Tour was one of the highest-grossing U.S. tours of 2019. Over 300,000 fans attended the show throughout its run. The lineup also included The Ying Yang Twins, Bobby Valentino, Mario, Lloyd, and Pretty Ricky. 

B2K’s Millennium Tour was filled with drama

Despite the successful outcome, there was plenty of drama surrounding the tour. Omarion admitted that the relationships between the members were strained and it was difficult for them to gel. J-Boog revealed that they each had their own tour buses and as the tour progressed, their relationships grew more distant. However, the chemistry they shared on stage remained consistent.

Source: YouTube

There was tension between Omarion and Fizz after it was discovered that Fizz began a relationship with Omarion’s ex and the mother of his children, Apryl Jones. All three were cast members together on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood at one point.

Jones was eventually banned from attending shows due to the conflict in the group. A conversation between Jones and Fizz discussing her not being able to attend the shows was shown on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Source: YouTube

Raz-B dropped out of the tour several times. The first was at the beginning of the tour when he went on his Instagram live to announce he was quitting due to being uncomfortable around the group’s former manager. Raz-B rejoined the tour days later, but after getting arrested for being accused of domestic violence, he dropped out of the tour altogether and B2K proceeded as a trio.

It’s unclear if the drama behind the scenes will be included in the documentary. However, J Boog alleged that the reason the group was not asked to participate in the second leg of the tour was due to Fizz’s relationship with Jones.

The Millennium Tour Live will be available for streaming on Sunday, Apr. 12 at 8 PM EST. 

A second leg of the tour was announced in late 2019 with Omarion leading the way, without his former group members.