Does ‘Below Deck’ Star Kate Chastain Still Have a Girlfriend?

Kate Chastain has been one of the leading faces behind Below Deck since the show’s inception, though she has not been very forthcoming about her love life over the years. Back in season 4, we learned that Chastain was in a relationship, though things got a little rocky between the two following the season finale. So does Chastain still have a girlfriend?

Below Deck Kate Chastain
‘Below Deck’ star Kate Chastain (with Josiah Duggar) | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Inside Kate Chastain’s romantic life

Prior to the fourth season of Below Deck, Chastain refused to talk about her love life outside of the show. That all changed in season 4 when the Below Deck star revealed that she was in a relationship with one Ro Hernandez.

While talking to her co-stars, Chastain revealed that this was her first relationship with a woman. She also said that she only agreed to date Hernandez after they hung out on several occasions.

By the time Chastain started filming season 4, she and Hernandez had been together for at least one month.

Although things were going good, Kate Chastain’s romance hit a huge snag following the end of season 4. According to Distractify, the relationship hit a tipping point after Chastain was charged with strangling Hernandez during a fight in Florida.

Chastain later admitted that filming the show put a lot of stress on their romance. The time apart also did not help and only drove them further apart. Following the domestic violence charges, the pair decided to part ways for good.

The Below Deck star is now a single woman, though it is unclear if she will ever open up about her relationship status again.

Chastain talks about her sexual preferences

While Chastain is usually a fairly private person, she opened up about her sexuality after her relationship with Hernandez was made public.

Despite dating another woman, Chastain does not identify as a lesbian. Instead, the reality star likes to stay away from labels and is not interested in being called a lesbian.

In fact, Kate Chastain revealed that her romance with Hernandez was completely out of her comfort zone. She also stated that she probably won’t be dating women ever again.

That said, Chastain confessed that she is happy to pursue a relationship with anyone who makes her happy, so having another girlfriend is not completely out of the question. When it comes to sharing her personal experiences, it sounds like Chastain is going back to her old ways.

Last year, the chief stew told fans that she is definitely going to proceed with caution when talking about her romantic life. She also said that she and Hernandez have not talked in a long time and probably won’t anytime soon.

What about Kate Chastain’s season 6 boyfriend?

As fans will recall, Chastain sparked up another romance in season 6 of Below Deck. While her fellow crew members were looking for love during the charter season, Chastain was holding back because she was dating a man back home.

The two kept up their relationship when Chastain went off to film, but, once again, the distance proved too much for the couple.

At one point in the season, Chastain realized that she did not want to keep dating the guy, who she discovered was actually kind of a weirdo.

According to Bravo, what really turned her off was how he constantly gave her gifts that featured her dog, halo. This includes a portrait of Halo for her birthday and a t-shirt with the pup’s face on it.

After seeing the screen-printed tee, Chastain realized that enough was enough.

“I remember exactly where I was. I was in the stew pantry with Josiah [Carter], and I was like, ‘Ooh, I got a text from the guy I’m seeing.’ And it was a photo of my mom holding up the T-shirt with my dog screen-printed,” Chastain shared.

Once she returned home, Chastain broke up with the mystery guy and has not regretted the decision one bit.

She has also dipped her toes back in the dating pool, though she still has not found her perfect match. With season 7 of Below Deck now underway, Chastain recently made some interesting remarks about Ben Robinson, sparking rumors that they may have hooked up.

Unfortunately, nothing official has been confirmed so fans will have to wait and see how that one shakes out.

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