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With the 2020 awards season gearing up, fans begin to revisit nominees’ prize-worthy material and weigh in on who will grab top honors. One debate invariably leads to the elusive EGOT. There’s a reason why it’s such a coveted honor and why so few entertainers can claim it among their accomplishments. Is Beyonce one of them? 

What is an EGOT? 

The EGOT isn’t one specific award. In fact, it’s an acronym representing a group of awards for achievements in television, music, film, and theater: the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, respectively. 

The term was coined by the actor Philip Michael Thomas of 1980s Miami Vice fame who, coincidentally, was never nominated in any of the categories. He did, however, make the term famous by wearing the EGOT acronym as a gold medallion and proclaiming he was going to win each of the awards.  

To have won top honors in each of the four categories represents a rare talent. In fact, there are only 15 entertainers who can claim such an accomplishment.  

What’s referred to as the “Grand Slam of show business” is rooted in each of the award’s histories. The Oscar is the oldest, making its debut in 1927. The Tony Award followed with its inaugural event in 1947, and the Emmy represented the rise in television popularity with its first ceremony held in 1949. The Grammy didn’t make its initial presentation until 1959.  

Does Beyonce have an EGOT? 

Beyoncé Instagram
Beyoncé | Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney

Beyonce launched her professional career as a member of the girl R&B group, Destiny’s Child, and by 1997, scored a major hit with a song off the Men in Black soundtrack entitled “Killing Time.” 

Since moving into a solo career in 2002, Beyonce has lined her shelves with hundreds of awards. Included among them are 23 Grammys, beginning with her breakout single “Say My Name” for Best R&B Song. 

Her first Emmy nomination was for the 2015 HBO special On the Run Tour:  Beyonce and Jay Z followed by 2016’s Lemonade. She’s also received accolades for her Netflix special chronicling her 2018 Coachella experience. Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncegarnered six Emmy nominations.  

Both the Oscar and Tony Awards have eluded Queen Bey to date. However, the tide may turn for the mega-talent in the 2020 season. 

What does the 2020 award season mean for Beyonce? 

With her work on The Lion King, 2020 could prove to be a pivotal year for Beyonce. She’s nominated for four Grammys, including Best Pop Vocal Album for The Lion King: The Gift and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Spirit” off the same album. 

Beyonce has also been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with a nomination for her song “Spirit” featured in The Lion King.  

Like Elton John and Tim Rice’s hit “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the film’s 1994 predecessor, Beyonce has created an original song from the album focused on capturing the “vibe of Africa.” Coupled with Disney’s track record for award-winning original songs, Beyonce’s “Spirit” is well-positioned for a groundbreaking win for the artist. 

Having been nominated for her first Oscar is a step in the right direction for the entertainer. Should it harvest a gold gramophone, it would mark the midway point for achieving the meritorious EGOT.  

As Disney continues its Lion King stage performances on Broadway and traveling throughout the country, Beyonce’s music could land her in Tony Award territory. It’s only a matter of time before the musical’s arrangements undergo a transformation.