Does Black Widow Have Super Soldier Serum in the MCU Like in the Comics?

In Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe universe, Black Widow is a highly trained former Russian operative. She has some pretty impressive weapons that she saved from her days in the Red Room.

But like most movies that were written material first, the Disney installments are not always true to the comics. In print, Black Widow has more superhuman abilities than fans have seen on the big screen so far. There’s a new Black Widow solo movie due out in November.

It was delayed once due to coronavirus concerns, and could be delayed again. But fans are dying to know if her Russian version of Super Soldier Serum will be explained 

Fans think Black Widow is basically crazy 

Scarlett Johansson
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The speculation about Black Widow’s serum took place on a Reddit thread. The original post showed a video compilation of Black Widow’s craziest moments. There were lots. The title of the post was “Now that I think about it, Black Widow was bat**** crazy,” and most commenters agreed.

In the video, fans watch as Black Widow jumps on moving rockets, down crumbling ravines, and jumps out of airborne planes. 

As one fan put it, Black Widow’s “super power is an insane lack of fear.” She’s constantly jumping around, and putting herself in extreme danger. In fact, she died jumping off something, which fans in the thread thought was kind of expected, given the clip. Being crazy works to Black Widow’s advantage. She’s completely unpredictable, and enemies can’t strategize around an unpredictable operative.

Although that fearless unpredictability may seem like her natural super power, she actually may have had some help in getting her super-human daring. 

The Black Widows all have their own version of the Super Soldier Serum 

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Much like the real-life space race, in the MCU, Russians and Americans were developing competing technology during the Cold War. One such piece of technology was a serum that gave the drinker superhuman strength. In the U.S., this was known as the Super Soldier Serum, and it was responsible for making Captain America. In Russia, the serum was less well known, but all Black Widows had it. It wasn’t as powerful as the real Super Soldier Serum, but there are more operatives out there who have taken the Russian version. 

Although her super human ability to jump on to stuff hasn’t been fully explained in the MCU, in the comic books her crazy plane jumping is thanks to the serum. So far, MCU viewers have been led to believe that all of Natasha Romanoff’s super abilities are related to her Red Room training alone. Fans really hope that the serum is brought up in the new Black Widow solo movie. 

Fans want the serum to be brought up in the ‘Black Widow’ solo movie

Those who have seen the movies but haven’t read the comic books may have a hard time believing a normal human could do all the things Black Widow does. Even the best trained people would have trouble jumping on to a moving plane, for example. But that can all be explained by the serum, if Marvel decides to add it to the movie. 

Fans hope that they do. As one fan wrote, “In the comics she is enhanced with a serum derived from the super-soldier serum, as are all black widow assassins. Hopefully, they will reveal that in her solo movie.”

Without it, fans are left trying to believe things that are really just too unbelievable. One fan who has not read the comics wrote: “I know it is a comic, but how do you survive a GRENADE inside a tank? The pressure opened the metal doors, she should be smashed meat. This moment really took me out from the movie, since she is not an enhanced person.”

It seems that without the serum as an explanation, Black Widow is too unbelievable for even the most diehard Marvel fans.