Does Captain America Appear in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’?

Some of the best moments in Marvel movies happen when the characters cross over in ways we didn’t expect. One example was when Captain America appeared in funny public service announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming, even though the star-spangled hero had nothing to do with the movie otherwise.

This has fans wondering if Captain America will return in the next Spider-Man installment — if not as his character, but as an old public service announcement. Alas, Captain America does not repeat this appearance in the newly released Spider-Man: Far From Home. For one thing, it would probably be boring to repeat the joke. For another, it takes place in the wake of Avengers: Endgame, which makes it unlikely for Chris Evans to appear. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll never see Evans again, but even if we do, it almost certainly won’t be in one of the Spider-Man movies.

Why Steve Rogers can’t be in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Chris Evans
Chris Evans | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

You may recall that when Avengers: Endgame concluded, Captain America had restored the infinity stones to their proper places by going back in time. When he returned, he was an elderly man, having finally made his peace with his past and turned his shield over to The Falcon/Sam so he could be the new Captain America.

Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place in the shadow of the Thanos snap, which the new movie calls “The Blip,” where half the population disappeared for five years. So Peter Parker is not only coping with the fact that his mentor, Tony Stark, is no longer around to guide him. He’s also coping with the fact he and his high school friends, including MJ, have years of school to make up because they didn’t age while they were gone. 

While the school probably still has the Captain America PSA’s on file, their appearance wouldn’t work on two levels. First, their jokey tone doesn’t really fit with the more serious ramifications of life after the blip. Second, Captain America is no longer around, so those PSA’s probably wouldn’t mean very much to high school kids five years after the blip. If anything, those old videos would probably appear in a history class.

We can tell you that one of the original Avengers does appear in the movie, but it’s not Evans. There is a reference to Captain America in the credits, but if he appears anywhere in the film, it’s a blink-and-you-miss-it sort of thing. 

Captain America and Spider-Man have a connection

It’s too bad that Captain America doesn’t play a major part in this film because the characters have quite a bit in common besides both being Marvel superheroes. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Fans were thrilled because Sony’s recent Spider-Man movies had disappointed in many ways, and the character was in good hands with the MCU. 

Although the movie had Captain America in the title, and Steve Rogers was central to the action, for all intents and purposes, it was an Avengers movie without Hulk and Thor. The movie split the team apart, with Captain America and Iron Mean leading the opposing teams. Since Tony Stark was Peter Parker’s mentor, he sided with Team Iron Man. 

Even though they fought with each other, Steve Rogers, ever gregarious, clearly respected the teenager’s skills. They have this exchange: 

Captain America: You got heart, kid. Where are you from?

Spider: Man: Queens!

Captain America: Brooklyn!

So besides both being New Yorkers, Peter Parker and Steve Rogers were both young kids when they got their super abilities, and it took both of them a while to figure out what to do with them. Both were overwhelmed by the whole “With great power comes great responsibility” mantra, but they both bore the responsibility well. 

It’s possible that Spider-Man could sort of take Captain America’s place in a new configuration of the Avengers, but that would seem to fly in the face of Steve Rogers turning over the shield to Sam. 

How Chris Evans could yet return

Evans has given every indication that he’s moving on from the MCU. As we previously noted, his character’s circle is complete. The actor will next be appearing in the whodunit Knives Out, playing a character a good deal more profane than Steve Rogers. 

However, there is still one way that Evans could reappear, if only for a few scenes. When Avengers: Endgame goes back in time to the original Avengers movie, Loki disappears with the tesseract, which contains one of the infinity stones. 

Steve Rogers made it back safely and was somehow able to secure the tesseract. Tom Hiddleton’s nefarious character will get his own series on Disney+ this fall, so maybe we’ll get to see how Captain America and Thor’s bother crossed paths for the last time.