Does Cardi B Know How to Drive?

Outspoken rapper Cardi B frequently has lyrics about her luxurious life, and that includes some impressively expensive cars. The star has a huge presence on social media and frequently opens up about her thoughts on everything from politics to fashion to the beauty world, so fans get to see a pretty deep glimpse into her life. Fans who have connected the dots between some of Cardi B’s comments about herself and her impressive car collection are wondering if something is amiss. Does the rapper even know how to drive?

Cardi B smiling wearing a black and white outfit
Cardi B | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Getty Images

Cardi B is outspoken and bold 

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Even those who aren’t well acquainted with Cardi B’s quick-witted musical talent probably know something about the rapper. This is because she’s excellent at making herself known through her bold personality and colorful commentary on the world. When she’s not feuding with others in the entertainment world, Cardi B is quick to share her opinions and has even become a vocal proponent of many political causes, making herself a spokesperson for specific legislative issues and get out the vote efforts. 

She’s also not afraid to share moments from her personal life. She’s been mostly open about her sometimes rocky relationship with fellow musician Offset. She sometimes shares funny moments from their private life, including some truly hilarious instances involving their two-year-old daughter Kulture. All in all, Cardi B comes across as open, honest, and bitingly funny. 

Cars are a big thing for Cardi B

The rapper’s net worth has grown significantly over recent years and is now at an impressive $24 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Cardi B has made it clear — through both her social media appearances and her rapping — that she likes nice things. Some of that staggering paycheck has gone to making sure that Cardi B is surrounded by luxury goods, and that includes an expansive car collection. 

Cardi B’s menagerie of motors includes a Lamborghini Aventador (one of a matching pair with partner Offset), a Mercedes G Wagen, a Mercedes Maybach, a Bentley Bentayga, and a Lamborghini Urus. That doesn’t even count the impressive luxury vehicles the rapper has purchased as gifts for Offset, giving the pair an even more impressive collection between the two of them. Cardi B frequently poses in front of these sleek machines for social media photographs and has shared video showing off her favorites. 

Can Cardi B even drive those cars? 

The assumption after seeing all of those expensive cars would be that Cardi B must love to drive. However, attentive fans may have caught note of Cardi B’s own comments making it clear that she does not have a driver’s license and, in fact, doesn’t even know how to drive! 

In an Instagram live, Cardi B — with her signature flair — explained why she doesn’t have a license and has never had a need for the skill: “How do you expect me to know how to drive when I’ve taken the train my whole life?” Cardi B was born in Manhattan and spent many of her early years being raised in the South Bronx. New York City is famously hard to drive in, and many people there live car-free lives because they have ready access to effective public transportation. It seems as if Cardi B just never really needed to learn this particular skill, and she certainly has enough money to hire drivers these days. 

So if she doesn’t drive, what is Cardi B doing with all these cars? She says that she doesn’t want to rap about owning something if she doesn’t actually own it. Whether you think it’s the best use of her money or not, you have to admit that the star’s commitment to authenticity is certainly refreshing!