Does Chef Adrian From ‘Below Deck’ Regret Comments He Made to Laura Betancourt?

Laura Betancourt Twitter

Yachties on Below Deck tend to develop a close bond and banter while on charter. Inside jokes form and playful conversations ensue. But sometimes what may seem like a funny inside joke to one person may end up being offensive to another.

When Chef Adrian Martin met third stew Laura Betancourt, the two hit it off immediately. They seemed to get each other’s jokes, plus they were bunkmates. Martin also tried to help Betancourt when she and chief stew Kate Chastain butted heads. He gave her some insight into what was going on and offered tips to diffuse the situation (instead she decided to tell Chastain to infamously “check herself”).

Toward the end of the charter season, Martin was quick to drop a few sexually charged comments Betancourt’s way. She said in confessional interviews that the comments made her feel uncomfortable. She also tried to shrug them off while at work.

They finally discussed the comments during the season finale

After a few cringy episodes of Below Deck, Betancourt finally confronted Martin about the comments. While they were packing, Betancourt told Martin that she didn’t appreciate some of his comments. “Sometimes the jokes you made were super, like inappropriate and they didn’t make me feel good at all,” she said. “Like the over sexual comments that would always go on and working in a kitchen…girls always get this sh*t.”

Martin looked stunned and confused as Betancourt spoke. “I thought you were joking around me,” he said. “We laugh about it. And I was raised in the Carribean and everybody talks about sex.” In his confessional interview, he said joking about sex was commonplace where he was raised.

He told her that she never mentioned feeling uncomfortable until now. “If you had said anything, that it was inappropriate I would have stopped instantly,” he told her. Betancourt said in a confessional interview that once you bring a sexual tone to banter, it crosses the line.

Betancourt wanted Martin to learn from the experience

She said she wanted Martin to know his comments made her feel uncomfortable so he could learn from the encounter. Martin apologized and said he wouldn’t ever want to hurt anyone. He thanked Betancourt for coming to him about it too.

Betancourt said that she wanted him to know that in the future someone else may not be as chill about his comments.

They posted about it on Twitter

After last week’s episode, both Betancourt and Martin tweeted about their interaction. She tweeted a photo with Martin and wrote, “Remember what y’all see is half the fact. Chef is a great guy, truly. We both could have handled that better. Yacht dynamics are tricky, and it’s actually impossible to relate. So don’t even try.” She also came to Martin’s defense with some Twitter followers made negative comments. “Again gf you see half,” Betancourt responded. “So relax with the assurity in your statement.”

Martin retweeted Betancourt’s post and wrote, “As @LauraCBetancour explains we only see half the fact, the truth is that she is a good friend and our relationship had much more depth then what is shown on camera,we would joke about everything but only specific comments were played to make me look a certain way.”

He added that he fully regretted his comments too. “Yes I would have never made that joke if I had imagined that it would cause so many people grief.. it was never my intention to offend anyone in any way! It was just a joke, defenatly a distasteful one but again just meant to be funny and nothing more..”

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