Does Christina Aguilera Regret Doing ‘The Voice’?

Christina Aguilera in her red chair
Christina Aguilera in her red chair on ‘The Voice’ | NBC

Christina Aguilera is a singer who catapulted into stardom during the 1990s with a powerful voice, edgy style, and outspoken (often controversial) viewpoints. She reached millions of young individuals who were struggling to become adults in a world that wasn’t quite as understanding or open as it is today.

A great example of this is the way she spoke to girls about “girl power,” and how she openly supported LGBTQ+ rights long before the modern movement.

But for many people, this isn’t how they know the songstress. Instead, modern audiences remember her from the contest show The Voice. They also remember how she left, despite being a fan favorite judge while on the show. But why did Christina Aguilera leave the voice, and does she regret doing the show? Is there any hope she might return for a future season? Here’s what we know.

How long was Christina Aguilera on ‘The Voice’?

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Aguilera was a coach on The Voice for six seasons. During this time, she was the coach of one winner and one runner-up with no placement in her other four seasons. Her winner was Alisan Porter, in season 10. In season five, Jacquie Lee of ‘Team Christina’ was the second place runner-up.

Why did she leave ‘The Voice’?

When she left, Aguilera was decidedly quiet on her reasons. A recent interview saw her opening up and offering more information than she has ever before. During this interview, Aguilera hints that the show is not all that it seems – and states this was one of the big reasons she simply could not stay.

While she doesn’t say anything specific, Aguilera vaguely mentions “inner workings” that she wasn’t happy with. She also hints that the contest itself is not as fair as audiences would believe it to be, and that this part did not surprise her. Aguilera explains she did a lot of contest shows when she was younger and they never seem to be 100% fair – but also mentions she “really felt for” her team and did not feel she was doing them justice.

At the end of her vague explanation, Aguilera goes on to say that her displeasure with the show wasn’t the whole reason she left. She stated that “For me, I just know that I needed to step away and get back to what I know I love to do.” Obviously, the powerhouse was talking about singing and performing, which are things Aguilera are very good at.

Does Aguilera regret being on ‘The Voice’?

In a recent interview with Andy Cohen of Watch What Happens Live, Christina Aguilera offered some insight into her time on The Voice. The big question fans have is whether the pop diva regrets doing the show – especially after she voiced concerns about vague “inner workings” she did not agree with.

Christina Aguilera had this to say in her interview: “I can’t knock it. It was an experience in my life. I think that everything has a learning curve and something to be experienced, but… I have to operate from a soul level. I’m a very honest and real person when it comes to certain things, and integrity is a huge, big deal for me. And I have to stand behind the products and the things that I do and put out…”

Aguilera goes on to explain her statement further. She doesn’t necessarily regret her time on The Voice, because she feels that it was definitely a learning experience. On the other hand, she will definitely never be returning to the show because it is just not something she can stand behind morally – and fans of the singer know this is very important to her.