Does Elisabeth Moss Have Kids?

Elisabeth Moss has been a TV star for years now, thanks to her performance on the cult show Mad Men. Her involvement with Hulu’s Handmaid’s Tale has only served to prove the star’s capability as a talented actor. As her Handmaid’s Tale character is a dedicated mother, it’s only natural fans wonder if that maternal instinct comes from her own experience. Although Moss has been in the public eye for a long time, she has managed to keep the details about her personal life private. Does Elisabeth Moss have kids of her own?

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Elisabeth Moss | Erik Voake/Getty Images for Hulu

Moss has a long-running career

Moss has been acting since the ’90s and has over the years stacked up an impressive resume. She started working as a child actor starring in Gypsy alongside Bette Midler. She then played Zoey Bartlet in The West Wing and found success with films like Anywhere But Here, The Joyriders, and Mumford.

After her appearance on The West Wing, she landed a role on Grey’s Anatomy and added more film credits on her resume with movies like Truth, Bittersweet Place, and Girl Interrupted. However, her performance as the secretary-turned-copywriter Peggy Olson in Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men took her to greater heights.

Although her portrayal of Peggy never earned her an Emmy, the star’s performance on the AMC drama remains to be one of her most memorable roles to date. After finding fame and success from Mad Men, Moss got into producing. She took on various producing projects after Mad Men wrapped up in 2015. Moss’s approach toward playing Peggy is specific, which explains why the character is relatable despite the show’s timeline. 

The star said in an interview that she wanted women to identify with the character “regardless of what decade it was.” After landing the leading role in The Handmaid’s Tale, Moss became an executive producer and director with three episodes added to her credits, along with two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Does Elisabeth Moss have kids?

Moss has had various roles that have seen her playing a mother. However, the star doesn’t have her own in real life. Despite that, Moss has repeatedly expressed interest in becoming a mother at some point in her life. The Handmaid’s Tale star told Marie Claire UK that she fancied the idea of passing on what her mother taught her.

The talented star acknowledged that she didn’t know if motherhood would be for her, but it has been on her mind. Although Moss is sure she wants to take on motherhood, the star admitted that her focus on her career had made her dating life a little tricky. Moss mentioned, “it’s difficult to find the time to give yourself to somebody.”

She, however, said that if she met the right person, she’d like to get married again. Moss married comedian Fred Armisen in 2009. The two “consciously uncoupled” eight months later, with Moss filing for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The star had been tight-lipped about her marriage but admitted that she was young at the time. Since her divorce to Armisen, Moss has remained quiet about who she’s dating.

What is Moss’ net worth?

With all the acting, producing, and directing credits under her belt, Moss has managed to amass a considerable amount of money throughout the years. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the talented star is worth $30 million.

Moss appeared on Mad Men for all the seven seasons that the show was on. For her portrayal of the bold Peggy, she took home a $75,000 paycheck for every episode. The star reportedly gets paid more for her role on Handmaid’s Tale. The 39-year-old actor now earns $1 million for every episode, which makes sense because of her high status and the show’s popularity.

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