Does Every Daytime Soap Have a Baby Swap Storyline?

Soap operas are a staple of daytime television. Over the years, there have been several soaps that stand out. The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, and General Hospital are three of the most famous soap operas of all time. Since all the shows have been on the air for a relatively long time, fans are beginning to wonder about the storylines. Though the characters and dynamics of soap operas are often very different, sometimes it can still feel like there are some similarities within storylines. Find out why every soap opera manages to include a storyline revolving a baby swap. 

Denise Richards, Scott Clifton and Annika Noelle
Denise Richards, Scott Clifton and Annika Noelle | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Is there a baby swap storyline on Days Of Our Lives?

Days Of Our Lives first began airing in 1965. The show depicts the journeys of the suburban characters of Salem. Since the first season, the series has explored many different storylines and plot twists, but this series is no exception to the infamous baby-swap storyline. Viewers of Days Of Our Lives recently watched Eric Brady reluctantly say goodbye to baby Mickey. Eric and Sarah Horton gave birth to a baby, and they had no reason to believe it wasn’t their child. Unbeknownst to the couple, their baby was actually switched with the baby of Brady Black and Kristen DiMera. Eric and Sarah’s biological baby had actually died while Sarah gave labor due to injuries she sustained in a car accident. Talk about an emotional goodbye. However, Days Of Our Lives isn’t the only soap to go down this route. 

The recent baby-drama on The Bold and the Beautiful

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful were blown away with one of the more recent storylines. Hope Logan and Liam Spencer were excited to welcome their baby into the world. However, due to unexpected circumstances, Hope has to deliver the baby without Liam. Liam later learned that the baby did not survive the delivery, or so they thought. What the couple didn’t know was that their baby was actually switched at birth, and Steffy, a fellow character and friend, unknowingly adopted the baby. However, with the help of young Douglas Forrester, the truth comes out, and Hope and Liam are reunited with their baby girl. 

General Hospital and the show’s take on the baby-swap storyline

The baby swap storyline seems to be considered the unofficial basics or fundamentals of a soap opera. With that being said, General Hospital is yet another soap opera that has incorporated a story revolving around a baby swap into the series. Viewers of the ABC show were blown away when Michael found out that his son was actually still alive. The baby swap that took place on the side of the road was the origin of the dramatic storyline. The revelation surrounding the baby caused Michael to reevaluate his priorities and his relationship with Sasha, but the residual shock of the baby swap storyline continues to settle. 

Anytime a baby is born on a soap opera the viewers can never be too sure about the reality and specifics of the situation. History has proven to be quite confusing and misleading. Baby swapping seems to be a trick as old as time in the world of soap operas. The endless drama revolving around the deception and trickery provides an endless amount of entertainment and drama for viewers everywhere. There seems to be a reason this specific storyline is so popular. Days Of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital are three soap operas that all have recently incorporated the infamous baby-swapping storyline into their shows. Fans are curious about what to expect moving forward in terms of the babies on their favorite soap opera.