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It looked like fans finally had an answer regarding Jenelle Evans’ health. According to Starcasm, E! broke the news that Jenelle Evans had been hospitalized for a Lupus flare-up on Tuesday. The article alleged that Evans was rushed to a local hospital because of the flare and that the stress of her ongoing custody battle was the cause. It didn’t take long for other outlets to pick up the news, but inexplicable, E! Changed the title of the article and swapped out all information about Jenelle for that of Ashley Martson. Martson stars on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily, Ever After. So, what’s the deal? Does Jenelle actually have lupus?

Jenelle’s long history of hospital stays

Evans has long hinted at medical issues. The mother of three has been hospitalized multiple times over the years, including at least two hospitalizations in the last 12 months. In October 2018, Evans took to her Instagram story to let fans know she had “biopsies everywhere” in an attempt to get answers about her health, according to US weekly.

In April 2019 the former reality star was admitted to the hospital for surgery. The unknown procedure was later revealed to be a tubal ligation and the removal of an ovary. Evans apparently healed well from the ordeal and was back up and running in just a couple of days. 

From 2012 onward Evans was hospitalized multiple times for ovarian cysts and other reproductive organ issues. A November 2012 hospitalization led fans to question whether or not Jenelle was sober, according to Starcasm.

What is Lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, lupus is a systemic disease that makes the immune system attack bodily tissues and organs. It can attack any number of organ systems. Several celebrities live with the condition.

Selena Gomez is among the most notable. The ‘Wolves’ singer required a kidney transplant due to lupus. Nick Cannon also lives with the disease, and Lady Gaga told Larry King that she was tested for Lupus and received a borderline diagnosis, according to Health

Does Jenelle Evans have lupus?

No, it doesn’t seem that way. While the former Teen Mom 2 cast member burst into tears during the reunion special, citing medical issues, it doesn’t appear she has any diagnosis, let alone lupus. Ashley Martson, however, does have lupus and does suffer flareups from time to time.

It appears that the entire thing was a big mixup, and Martson is actually the one currently hospitalized. Evans seems to be in her home, tweeting away while Martson is dealing with her medical issues. E! has since fixed the article to reflect the real reality star they were speaking about,

Jenelle has been actively engaging on social media platforms in the wake of her custody battle. She has actually ramped up her usage in recent days, so it’s safe to say if she were dealing with a severe medical condition fans would know about it.