Does Jennifer Aniston Wear Glasses?

Jennifer Aniston is, for many, the very epitome of style and beauty. Her hairstyles have been mimicked by women since the ’90s and one only needed to tell their stylist they were looking for ‘the Rachel’ to receive her signature long, layered bob.

During an epic Zoom event with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Aniston was recently seen sporting some fashionable new specs- leaving fans wondering where they can grab themselves a pair just like them. It’s not the first time style icon Aniston has framed her pretty face with some cute frames either.

Jennifer Aniston has long been a household name

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

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While she’s probably most well known for her iconic role as Rachel Green on the TV series Friends, Aniston has been all over the red carpet for her various roles in Hollywood. IMDb credits the star with more than 64 items on her actress resume. 

Her career covers all aspects of acting from single episodes of tv shows to starring opposite other big name stars in popular comedies like Horrible Bosses, and We’re the Millers. Most recently Aniston worked on a few Netflix originals including the hugely successful Dumplin’ and a comedy with Adam Sandler entitled Murder Mystery.  

Her easy-going style and beauty look is admired

Aniston’s fashion appeal is timeless. Even back when 90s decade fashion was loud and a bit wild, Aniston had a flawless, down-to-Earth wardrobe. Her style reflected a cool and casual elegance to it, with the idea that what she was wearing was attainable for someone outside of Hollywood circles.

Even when she’s red carpet ready, or sporting a fashionable little black dress her style tends to feel relaxed and even subdued. She tends to wear her hair loose and wavy and often opts for solid, neutral colors.

While her style is typically a little understated she’s not one to skimp on the wow factor, occasionally wearing a daring, plunging neckline or a flash of unexpected sparkle. Most notable, her choice of accessories is always spot on. 

Jennifer Aniston’s excellent taste in accessories

Aniston often wears muted, neutral colors and low-key outfits. She’s often been snapped in paparazzi photos wearing just jeans, flats, and a T-shirt. However, her style would never be labeled as boring or thoughtless. She typically pairs her outfits with one, thoughtful accessory.

Sometimes it’s a small clutch, a scarf, or a single piece of statement jewelry but lately it has seemed to be a killer pair of eye glasses.

Aniston’s jealousy inducing eyewear

Recently, Variety reported that while she participated in a live virtual table reading of Quick Times at Ridgemont High, Aniston found herself making headlines. This is partly due to the exchange between Aniston and her ex-husband Brad Pitt during the event.

But, aside from the Pitt and Aniston sparks flying, fans were quick to notice Aniston was wearing some cool new frames. She likely chose the retro pair because it was a fitting choice for the throw-back event and the character she was portraying, however the style was a perfect choice for Aniston’s typical, girl-next-door ensemble too. 

Fans who are hoping to channel their inner Aniston can find similar pairs for sale from several merchants online. Zenni Optical offers some gold, aviator-style frames which are quite similar in style to the ones Aniston was wearing.

You can even send in your exact prescription, and they will be mailed directly to your home. Warby Parker’s ‘York’ style is almost an exact match to Aniston’s and also can be customized to your prescription for under $200.

Snatching up a pair of vintage-inspired eyewear will have you harnessing your own inner Rachel Green in true 90s style in no time.